Health Articles: The Joint Chiropractic - Lafayette #18004

How to Keep Your Brain Young and Active

By Genevieve Cunningham Though growing old is definitely a privilege, it’s also a tough process. We gain new pains, lose some range of motion, forget faster, and tire more quickly. While there’s ...
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3 Reasons You're Totally Out of Energy

By Genevieve Cunningham It probably seems like fatigue is part of the norm. It seems as though as we age, exhaustion just comes with the territory. We suddenly find ourselves with too much to do and not ...
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Lifting: Why It Works and How to Get Started

By Genevieve Cunningham I used to be one of those who jumped from fitness plan to fitness plan. When something new came out, I was quick to give it a try. New cardio? Sign me up! New diet plan? I’ll ...
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Crazy Diets and Tips for Healthy Eating - 2nd Week

By Genevieve Cunningham If you are already at your perfect goal weight, congratulations. You are definitely in the minority. Most people carry around at least a few pesky pounds that just won’t ...
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Why You Should Pay Attention to Breathing

By Genevieve Cunningham We all like to think that we’re doing everything we can to lead a healthy life. We read about the latest diets. We check out the latest exercise programs. We read all about ...
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