Stay Away from These Foods After a Workout

By Sara Butler

You work out in order to be healthy, and you don’t push yourself and do all that sweating just so you can ruin all that hard work 10 minutes after you’re through. What you eat after a workout is almost as important as the workout itself because it can either fuel your body to recover or undo all of the hard work you just went through. Here are a few of the foods you should just say no to after a workout.

Food Post Workout

The best kinds of things to fuel your body with after a workout are foods that will restore your energy while at the same time boosting your metabolism and building muscle. If you reach for foods high in saturated fat, sugar or those very difficult for your body to digest, you are doing more harm than good. Remember, this is a time when your body needs nutrition the most in order to recover.

Pre-Made Smoothie Mixes

Smoothies seem as if they’d be the perfect post-workout recovery food, but the pre-made mixes are loaded with a ton of sugar. After a workout, when your body is in serious fat burning mode, eating sugary snacks or drinks will stop that process cold because your body will use the complex carbs, such as sugar, before they will use the fat.

If you like smoothies after a workout, just make your own at home with a good protein base and whatever other fresh fruits and vegetables you can think of.

Spicy Foods

This one may seem a little strange but remember that spicy foods are difficult for your body to digest. As much as you don’t want to ingest simple carbohydrates such as sugar, you also don’t want to ask your body to perform one more difficult task when it’s in its repair phase after a workout.

Eat easily digestible things such as protein and complex carbohydrates.

Soda Pop

There’s really no time where soda is an appropriate drink and that includes right after a workout. It simply has no nutritional value, even if you find it refreshing to drink. You need to hydrate after exercise and soda won’t help you to accomplish that feat. Not to mention, soda will make you feel bloated, and no one wants to feel bloated after they just smashed a workout! Have good, old-fashioned water instead.

Eating after a workout is important, so make sure you talk to a trainer or your chiropractor for ideas about the best post-workout foods you can use to help fuel your body!

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