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The Warriors and NBA History: Bullish on Chiropractic

By Sara Butler

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have just eclipsed the Chicago Bulls for most wins in a single NBA season, and I have to admit – it’s all pretty exciting! Do you know what else has a historic connection to basketball victories? Chiropractic care! In fact, the history-making 1995-1996 Bulls starred Michael Jordan, who reportedly said, “I didn’t know how much I could improve until I started seeing a chiropractor.” Yes, that’s right – the living basketball legend that is His Airness said his game was improved through someone adjusting his back!

It took the Warriors a while to come around. They didn’t hire a team chiropractor until 2009. This season, they finished the regular season 73-9 compared to the Bulls’ 72-10 mark with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman in the lineup with MJ.

While seeing your chiropractor regularly can in no way promise you NBA success like the Bulls or Warriors, the connection between basketball and chiropractic care is a reflection on just how much chiropractic does for your body and health.

An Athletic Edge

When athletes approach their health and fitness from a holistic perspective then they embrace a real opportunity to take their game to another level. By visiting their chiropractor regularly, or even in the locker room, they are ensuring that their joints are aligned and moving properly. This helps improve mobility and nerve function to their entire body and reduce their risk of injury. And let’s face it—when your livelihood is so dependent upon your personal health and performance, it makes even more sense to embrace the hands-on approach that chiropractic offers for total health.

Athletes - Just Like the Rest of Us

Believe it or not, athletes suffer from the same pitfalls as the rest of us. Outside the arena, they can have poor posture, can sleep in positions that don’t promote optimal health and even make poor nutritional choices. They’re human, after all! And yes, I’m including Stephen Curry in that group—but barely. I’d swear he’s the ghost of Pete Maravich.

Chiropractic care can’t undo all of the things people, including athletes, do to undo the good work of their chiropractor. But, the advantage of a chiropractor and their holistic health approach is they assist you to see the bigger picture of your health. They can analyze your body mechanics, make adjustments where they see fit and give you good advice and instruction on how to improve your exercise, diet, and overall health. In other words, the benefit of chiropractic goes beyond the adjustment and, if embraced fully, can improve nearly every aspect of your life. Think of your chiropractor as part of your coaching staff, your own personal Phil Jackson.

Enhance Performance

So what does chiropractic do for basketball players? When a chiropractor knows your passions and your life pursuits, they can easily tailor a treatment plan especially designed to meet your needs and help maximize your potential whether you’re Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala or my neighbor Jeff. When it comes to hoops, chiropractors often help players by:

  • Extending flexibility through special exercises
  • Improving range of motion through special manipulations
  • Increasing balance through adjustments
  • Improving speed through conditioning
  • Encouraging strength through mobilizations

There’s a reason why so many professional athletes, including the greats, utilize chiropractic care and why so many professional teams employ chiropractors for their players – it works! Sure, raw talent creates the groundwork for professional athletic success, but most of it is born of hard work, practice and seeking to improve your game in every way possible—which may include getting an adjustment. Being coached by Steve Kerr doesn’t hurt, either! Kerr, by the way, was on that Bulls team with Jordan, so he obviously knows something about winning.

The Warriors have made history, and if Golden State goes back-to-back and win an NBA championship, you can bet the team chiropractor will have had a hand in that success—hand that will have an oversized championship ring on it.

Image Credit: Keith Allison


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