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Children Fall, but Chiropractic can Limit Risks

By Dr. Molly Casey

Baby Learning to Walk

Kids of all ages fall. It’s a fact. Generally, the younger the kid, the more they’re falling. This is especially true in the years when they are learning to sit, stand, walk and be mobile. Falls can affect the health and function of the spine, which directly affects nervous system operation. How well your youngster’s nervous system functions affects all aspects of his or her life. It’s important to pay attention to, and address, childhood falls since they could have an effect on the health of your young one.

Frequency of Falls

Research published in the Oxford Press in 2007 by Jessie Garciaguirre and Karen Adolph showed children between the ages of 12-19 months fall an average of 17 times per hour while playing. That number may or may not sound significant to you. However, take that one step further and think of a toddler moving around at least five hours per day (that’s very conservative). That equals 85 falls daily or 2,550 falls monthly, totalling 15,300 falls in a six-month span. Remember, these are simply the average numbers. The actual number of falls may be even higher. In any event, most will agree -- that is a lot of tumbling to the floor.

Repetitive Effects

Most times, falling as a young child is not concerning as a sole event, meaning it’s not the effect of one single fall that is the issue. It’s the cumulative effects of the approximately 2,550 falls per month that can become an issue. Just as with adults, sitting one day at work in front of the computer with poor posture doesn’t lead to significant spinal fixation and misalignment, but an adult who does this day in and day out eventually shows wear and tear on the spine, their health, and at some point will likely begin to feel pain and symptoms. The same applies to our little humans.

Remember, the health of the spine dictates the ability of the nervous system to function optimally. Repetitive impacts from falls can decrease the health of the spine and ultimately affect the child’s health because of decreased functioning of the nervous system. The effects of repetitive falls go far beyond that of simple structural issues and can extend into affecting all areas of your child’s health.

Chiropractic to Correct the Impact

Chiropractic adjustments are known to decrease the effects of repetitive stress for adults and kids. The increased frequency of falls, and the cumulative impact and effect, is decreased in severity when the child gets checked and adjusted regularly by a chiropractor. Adjustments increase spinal motion and facilitate optimal spinal health. Beginning the practice of chiropractic exams and adjustments while young helps assure a child has the best chance of developing and maintaining the healthiest possible spine and nervous system.

Kids fall as certainly as the government collects taxes. It’s going to happen. Even though they are going to fall frequently, it’s OK. But do understand that it does have an effect on their health. As a parent, you have an opportunity to negate the effects of the repetitive impacts through regular chiropractic care. Chiropractors at The Joint look forward to seeing you and your little one soon!

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