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Chiropractic: Taking the Sting Out of Pharmacy Costs

By Sara Butler

Women putting money in her purse

Chiropractic care already has a lot going for it. It’s natural, it’s effective, and now it’s been determined that it saves you money. Who doesn’t love that? When I think of the things I want to spend my money on, my inner monologue usually goes along the lines of “How can I afford to take my kids to Disney World again this year?” Never once in my life have I said: “I have $500 extra this month -- I’m going to go spend it at the pharmacy!” Have you? I hope you said no!

Being dependent on drugs or surgery to help you manage pain or discomfort is not a fun place to be, but it’s a familiar scenario to many Americans. The good news is that even as healthcare costs for the average family continue to rise, chiropractic care is here to take off some of that financial burden.

Medical Care is Costly!

According to the Healthcare Blue Book, a typical visit to the doctor’s office will cost anywhere from $68 to $234 -- or more! The final cost depends on what you need to be seen for and how you are treated -- but don’t even get me started on going to the pharmacy. Tacking pharmacy costs onto that visit only makes the hole in your bank account bigger, with costs escalating toward a mortgage payment.

If you have a large co-pay or deductible, chances are you avoid the doctor’s office unless absolutely necessary. Seems like that’s all a part of the master plan to help insurance companies profit, but it really only pushes people to seek care when they’re sick, not care to keep them well -- which is exactly the space chiropractic care can help to fill.

The Sick Cycle

Say you’re out in your yard doing some work on your lawn. You turn the wrong way and ouch -- your back spasms. So, you head to your doctor where you are prescribed medication. Once that medication is gone, you find yourself right back where you started -- with a back that may continue to be prone to spasms due to joint restrictions and dysfunctions that were never dealt with in the first place. This feeds into a sick cycle in which insurance companies pay pharmaceutical companies to keep producing medicine that doctors prescribe to keep people coming back for more. The real problem is that when the root of your health issue isn't addressed, you’ll continue to suffer. And insurance companies, as well as pharmaceutical companies, will continue to profit.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

There are a ton of studies out there that have shown an insurance plan that includes coverage for chiropractic ultimately costs less than a plan that doesn’t include it. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that health plans with chiropractic benefits resulted in fewer surgeries, fewer hospital costs, and ultimately an 83 percent reduction of costs related to pharmaceuticals when compared with traditional medical care. You can’t ignore a statistic like that -- especially when you’re trying to stay healthy and get your kids a visit with the world’s most famous mouse!

Come See Us At The Joint Chiropractic!

What if you don’t have chiropractic coverage under your insurance plan? Don’t sweat it! Part of our mission at The Joint is to provide people with affordable chiropractic care whether they have insurance or not. We offer wellness plans, packages, and single visits that are all affordable; The Joint’s average single visit across the country is $24, compared to the $65 average. That way, you don’t need to worry about your insurance and what it covers -- because we’ve got you covered!

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