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Dancing and Chiropractic are Perfect Partners

By Dr. Molly Casey

Grandma and grandchild dancing in livingroom

Dancing is great exercise and does a great deal for one’s emotional state because it will raise endorphins and neurotransmitters that improve mood. Whether done for fun, socially, or professionally, dancing also takes a toll on the body. Chiropractic is a great way to assure the body is best prepared to endure the demands of your dance habits and even help you perform better.

Dancing Requirements

Dancing requires a great deal of your body during the actual act of it, as well as before and after. While dancing, the brain and nervous system are working diligently on balance and coordination of various movements of multiple muscles and limbs all at once. Better coordination and balance contributes to greater precision and accuracy in making crisp movements.

The muscles used while dancing need to be strong and flexible. Such strength and flexibility contributes to accuracy and precision, but even more so to increased endurance and injury prevention. The stronger your muscles and joints are, the longer they can withstand your desired routine. When muscles and joints are fatigued, they are more prone to injury if you continue the activity; the stronger they are, the less likely you’ll injure yourself while dancing the night away.

Chiropractic and Dance

Chiropractic care deals with spinal joint movement, nervous system health, and body performance. All of these elements are directly related to your dance routine.

The balance and coordination of dancing requires a lot of nervous system activity simultaneously; though your body certainly has the ability to do this, it’s called to work at a higher level. When your spinal joints have restricted range of motion, the nervous system is negatively affected. It’s logical to infer that your ability to balance and coordinate muscles and movements will be negatively affected, as well. Assuring proper spinal joint movement through chiropractic adjustments would prove very wise.

One component to achieving the greatest strength and endurance levels -- whether dancing or any other activity -- is optimal brain and body communication. This communication system is the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments increase the ability of the nervous system to function without interference; as a result, you’ll likely dance longer and more fluidly with greater strength and endurance.

Dance and Chiropractic

The truth is folks get hurt and will often feel pain as a result of this activity and sport.

One great side effect of chiropractic is pain relief. Yes, side effect -- because, in addition to proper spinal joint function, one of the main focuses of chiropractic is nervous system health. When the nervous system is working optimally, the body knows what to do, and you’ll often experience a decrease in pain and symptoms from overuse and other dance-related injuries/pain. Chiropractic is often used by the best of the best for increased performance and total body care. You can read superstar dancer Misty Copeland’s remarks about the importance of chiropractic care as part of her routine.

Don’t let your dancing suffer. Whether you are looking to improve your routine, the health of your body, or recover from injuries, chiropractic adjustments can help you dance harder, longer and better!

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