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No Fear: A Guide for New Chiropractic Patients

By Sara Butler

Woman with Back Pain talking to Chiropractor

What is your impression of chiropractic care? If you’re familiar with it and have been seeing a chiropractor since forever, then it’s probably a pretty relaxed impression. After all, you know about the benefits to your health and wellness. But if you’re new to chiropractic care, then it can seem like a scary experience tantamount to having Arnold Schwarzenegger throwing your poor body around like a rag doll. Well, it just so happens that The Terminator is a fan of chiropractic -- but he’s not actually a chiropractor, so there’s no need to worry.

Don’t worry? It may be easier said than done, but here at The Joint Chiropractic, we’re big fans of education. The more people are educated about chiropractic care, the less afraid they will feel even if they’ve never stepped foot in a chiropractor’s office before. If chiropractic is new to you, then sit back, relax, and let us take you on an enchanted but educational journey of chiropractic to help you understand what really happens when you see the chiropractor for the first time. Arnold can come along, too.

The First Visit: What To Expect

The very first time you see a chiropractor at The Joint, you will have a consultation. The doctor of chiropractic (chiropractors are doctors called D.C.s, instead of M.D.s) wants to understand what brought you in to see them. Are you in pain and if so, how much? They ask a variety of questions in order to gauge where you’re at. Remember, your chiropractor’s goal is to determine the underlying cause of the problems you’re experiencing. When they can pinpoint the real problem, they can develop a treatment plan to address that problem. Pain is a symptom of something; chiropractors want to treat the cause of the symptom, not the symptom (that’s why M.D.s give medicine for the pain; they’re treating the symptom, not the cause). You should also feel free at your first visit to bring up any concerns or questions you have. Chiropractors will do their very best to answer them in the moment to make sure you understand every step they take.

After the questions have been asked, then you can move on to a physical examination. The chiropractor looks at the way your body moves to determine if you have any muscle imbalances, joint restrictions, or joint dysfunctions that could be a part of the problems that brought you into see them in the first place. One of the advantages of chiropractic is that regular care often addresses problems before they cause you pain -- so the chiropractor may find things you didn’t even know were a problem and nip them in the bud! That’s a win for you.

The Real Question: Does It Hurt?

You might think that cracking or popping any part of your body, especially your spine, will be painful. Here’s what’s important to understand: Your chiropractor understands the mechanics of the human body so well, what they’re doing to you shouldn’t hurt, although there are instances of minor soreness as the body acclimates to improved joint movement. In fact, many people report that the treatment actually feels good, as if a weight has been removed. You have to think about any cracking or popping (typically gas being released from the joint) that occurs as your body sighing in relief -- relief that the joint restrictions and dysfunctions have finally been lifted! In other words, the sounds you hear are normal and shouldn’t hurt.

What About the Chiropractor?

Many people wonder just what sort of qualifications chiropractors have. You can rest easy knowing that all the chiropractors at The Joint are certified licensed professionals. They go to school to earn their degrees just as every other medical professional and must take a special exam to be licensed to practice in the state in which they practice. Chiropractic may not be as familiar to people as other medical professions, but you should understand that chiropractors have to be licensed to treat what ails you. Of course, you do have to practice good judgment; just as you wouldn’t see a self-taught dentist out of the back of a van down by the river, you shouldn’t see a chiropractor who doesn’t have the proper qualifications, either.

Where You Can Find Quality Care

There are more than 380 locations of The Joint Chiropractic nationwide, and you’ll be relieved to know that not one of them operates out of a van down by the river. Our lovely offices seek to provide quality care to you no matter where you are, and we’re a great place for you to go to ease into the wonderful world of chiropractic care. So, come into The Joint near you today and discover how our chiropractors can help alleviate symptoms and address any joint dysfunctions or restrictions you may be suffering from.

We’re certain you’ll love chiropractic so much you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner! The Joint will have you saying “hasta la vista” to back pain, neck pain, migraines and more -- and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be saying “I’ll be back” in your best Austrian accent.

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