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Chiropractic Lessons from ‘Game of Thrones’

By Sara Butler

Game of Thrones | The Night King

Another season of “Game of Thrones” bites the dust. I have to share that I’m really conflicted. I’m a huge fan of this series, but this season moved fast -- faster than I liked. Sure, some amazing stuff happened, but it’s over way too soon. And the fact that we will now have to wait -- probably until 2019 -- for the conclusion isn’t helping me to feel any better.

But I’m the kind of person who likes to make lemonade from lemons. So, I’m going to look on the bright side of this season of GOT’s pulpy fruit and reflect back on what chiropractic lessons we can take away from it. Just be warned -- spoilers are ahead!

Arya Stark – The Faceless Chiropractor

Arya Stark adjusts things. Not spines, but still – things get taken care of when she’s around. In the premiere episode of this season, she kills the entire Frey clan. I won’t deny it, I enjoyed that. I fully support Arya’s list and everyone on it, so I like to see a young girl who is really one to accomplish her goals.

Don’t freak out the next time you’re at The Joint; your chiropractor isn’t going to remove a mask and reveal she (or he) is Arya Stark in disguise. There will be no imminent doom in less time than it takes to say “Peter Dinklage.” But what we can learn from Arya this season is that much like a chiropractor, Arya gets things done from the inside out.

One of the goals of chiropractic care is to be the first line of defense and prevention. Chiropractors want to try to help your body heal itself;using drugs or surgery as a last resort. A genuine change has to come from within, and that’s exactly what your chiropractor is trying to accomplish!

Infection Prevention with Jorah Mormont and Samwell Tarly

Jorah Mormont was miraculously cured of his greyscale by Samwell Tarly at the Citadel this season -- and I was so happy! I realize that Jorah is a character who is difficult to love, but I do and I was happy to see him survive with the help of Samwell.

The Maesters at the Citadel don’t treat greyscale because it’s so infectious, but Sam treated it and survived the process. This is a great lesson for everyone. Unlike Khal Drogo, who died from a cut on his chest that clearly wasn’t properly disinfected, Sam followed ancient protocol and voila! Sir Jorah lives to fight another day.

I think the important lesson to take away from this entire episode is that the immune system is strong, but you still need to help it along. You can help it along with regular chiropractic care and maintenance. And don’t forget: old-fashioned hand washing can take you far. Whether you’re exposed to sickness by a dirty sword, a crazy person with greyscale, or a sick coworker, you can support a healthy body and immune system by following the rules of infection control and making sure to see your chiropractor on the regular. And keeping the spine healthy by moving properly helps the immune system stay in tip-top shape.

The Night King and Overcoming Obstacles

Oh, the mysterious figure that is the Night King. What’s he have to do with Bran? Did he know that Dany was going to bring her dragons? Where did he get four of the thickest chains you’ve ever seen in the middle of a frozen wasteland? It’s all a mystery.

What isn’t a mystery is the fact that the Night King sets a goal and by golly, he doesn’t let anything get in his way as he works to meet those goals. The wall has kept the white walkers out for hundreds of years. Now, the Night King gets himself a white walker dragon that shoots blue fire (I knew it!) and suddenly that wall ceases to be an obstacle at all.

The important lesson here is that you need a metaphorical dragon to help you overcome your obstacles. Chiropractic care is one link in the chain you need to accomplish your goals because, let’s face it, without your health and wellness you can’t even begin to meet the challenges of everyday life. Your chiropractor is here to help you find your inner dragon and move forward to meet your goals in fitness, health, and life.

Who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see how it all ends. But with the help of the chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic, I’ll be ready and waiting in good health to find out!

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