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Can You Hear Me Now? Healthy Spine Critical to Healthy Life

By Dr. Molly Casey

Communication in Health

Do you ever wonder how your brain talks to your heart, or how your legs know to bend and straighten at just the right time with just the right amount of power when you are at the gym doing your box jumps? Have you ever reacted instantaneously and gotten out of the way of a falling box or an oncoming car? How about how you feel pain? There is one short answer to how all those things happen: your nervous system.

Your Communication System

Your nervous system carries all communications throughout your body, to and from the brain and in-between cells and every organ. It’s the single-most important system you have in your body. That system is the only system in your body completely encased in bone; the reason is because it is vital to life and the quality of it. The less interference in that system, the greater your body is able to function, the more optimal your health and vibrant your life.

Your Spine and Your Health

Why do chiropractors care so much about the spine and what does it have to do with your overall health? Pretty simple question and pretty simple answers. The spine protects your nervous system. It is the bony structure that encases and protects the nervous system. The better the spine moves, the more able the nervous system is able to communicate fully and without interference.

I have a scenario for you that I know we’ve all been through. Think of one of your last conversations on your cell phone in which you had perfect reception, five bars. That conversation you were able to hear well, speak well and move on with your day, correct? Now think of a time in which you had a conversation with one bar of connection? It’s a pretty crappy conversation right? Maybe you heard every few words the other person was saying or, if you’re lucky, every other word.

Let’s say you had to carry out some very specific tasks and instructions following that phone conversation. You would likely perform the tasks to the highest level while having perfect reception. What about carrying out instructions when you only received every few words, or at best every other word? Do you think your performance would be as good? No way.

Think of your spine as the cell phone, it’s the avenue through which the communication is occurring. When your spine is restricted or stuck in certain positions, it’s analogous to having fewer bars on your cell phone and having less information being communicated from Point A to Point B. The result is certain organs, structures, and systems won’t receive all the information intended for them, thus they won’t be able to carry out the tasks to the fullest, optimal degree. Thus, you suffer ill health, regardless of whether your know it or not. Whether you have pain or not, the function simply isn’t all there.

Chiropractors correct the restrictions, commonly referred to as misalignments, or stuck joints, thereby restoring communication throughout your body. This is why chiropractors care so much about your spine with regard to your overall health. This is also why the mobility and flexibility of the spine -- how well it moves or doesn’t move -- affects the entirety of your life. It’s about function, not feeling. It’s about optimal communication. We are here to help you move into this new year with the most bars on your spinal cell phone, so come visit us at The Joint Chiropractic so we can help you improve your health!

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