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This Mother’s Day Give the Gift of Self Care

By Sara Butler

Chiropractic Care for Mom

I cracked open an eye as the sun was coming up, only to be greeted by the smiling face of my child. At 5 in the morning. She was ready to start her day -- and I was not. After I recovered from a near heart attack caused by waking up with someone looming over me from the side of the bed, I reluctantly got up. As Kurt Vonnegut once said, “So it goes.”

This Mother’s Day you’re likely preparing to be showered with flowers, homemade cards, and hoping that your partner lets you sleep in for just an extra half-hour. Who am I kidding? I’ll take 15 minutes of silence. But back to my point -- Mother’s Day is only one day a year but taking care of yourself should be something practiced each and every day. Here are some of our best self-care tips for moms this Mother’s Day!

Put Your Body Through the Motions

Exercise is great for you -- mind and body. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re working movement into your day. It can be as simple as taking a walk or working in your garden, or as complicated as a group fitness class. Just make sure to take some time for you to get your blood pumping. Chasing after your toddler as she runs across the grocery store parking lot into oncoming traffic probably counts too.

Boost Your Brain

I don’t know about you, but I feel like half my brain fell out after I had kids. I’ll be talking to my husband and then trail off. I forget to put lids back on jars. I once put the milk away in the cabinet and the hand mixer in the refrigerator. I’m just not firing on all cylinders -- you know what I’m talking about.

As a mom, take the time to give your brain a little exercise too. Pick up a journal, buy an adult coloring book, read a novel, do a puzzle, or take up meditation. The point is, you need to do something that helps your brain to continue making connections; otherwise, one day you might find your toddler in the dog kennel and your dog in the bathtub.

Go Ahead, Pamper Yourself

A lot of moms feel guilty when they do something nice for themselves. Stop it! You work hard, and you deserve time to wind down and relax. Schedule a regular massage, take a quick nap, try out that bath bomb you got for Mother’s Day last year but never got around to using. If you want to be true to your “World’s Best Mom” mug, then you need to care for yourself too. “Me time” matters.

Find Your Friends

It’s not unusual for moms to feel a bit isolated, especially if you’re the stay-at-home or work-from-home variety. We’re all in the same boat, so branch out and try to make friends or call up your old ones and hang out. I went to Disney World with my mom friends last year and you know what? We had a blast. I would say I spent only a few minutes missing my kids each day; then I’d see a mom handling a child during a meltdown, smile, and take another sip of my World Showcase margarita.

Join a mom group, try out that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to, join a book club, or take a fitness class. Find time to spend with your friends and other adults -- it’s rejuvenating.

Put Your Health on the Calendar

You know the old saying, “If mama ain’t happy, nobody's happy”? Well, if mom’s not taking care of herself and putting her health first, then how can anyone else be taking care of her? Make sure to see your chiropractor regularly at The Joint Chiropractic by putting it on your calendar in ink. That way, you have a dedicated time to stop in and get adjusted, then go on with your busy day feeling great and flexible and free from joint restriction and dysfunction.

From all of us here at The Joint Chiropractic, we hope you have a healthy, happy, and restful Mother’s Day!

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