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The Incredibles Health and Wellness: Parr for the Course

By Sara Butler

Incredible Health

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Have you seen the The Incredibles’ new movie? I’ll admit, after a 14-year wait I got tickets and went on opening night -- and I was not disappointed. I’m going to try really hard to not give away any big spoilers here, but I am going to talk about some things that happened in the movie. So, you know, stop reading if you are part of the 0.002 percent of the population that hasn’t seen this movie yet. Feel free to bookmark me and return after you’ve been to the theater.

Still with me? Good.

I’m often struck by just how deep these Pixar movies seem to go. It’s not all just flaming Jack-Jacks and fights with raccoons -- there are actual life lessons here, people! Lessons about your health and wellness that I think we’re all better off giving some thought to. May I present: the profound life lessons of The Incredibles 2.

Beware of Technology

The chiropractors at The Joint have seen a disturbing trend over the last few years: text neck. And what’s to blame for this modern spine ailment? Technology.

In The Incredibles, there’s a pretty glaring (and flashing) message about the dangers of an addiction to technology, especially anything with a screen. The villain, in fact, uses technology to do their evil deeds. Look around you right now -- how many people have their head down with their nose hypnotically buried in some device? As humans, digital technology has given us great things (like awesomely animated movies -- how meta), but it’s also hurting us.

Make sure you see your chiropractor regularly to help combat the symptoms of text neck and discuss how you can use your devices in a way that won’t damage your health. The mind control stuff is all up to you, though.

Moms are Awesome (and Dads are Too)

Another thing that struck me about this movie is Elastigirl. This movie really gives her a central crime-fighting role. She’s a mom, she’s a wife, she’s a woman, and she’s a superhero -- a superhero who feels guilty going to work and doing something for herself. If that’s not a shout-out to moms to give themselves a little more credit and invest in a little more self-care, then I don’t know what is.

Personally, I think this is an empowering movie for anyone to watch because it reminds women how powerful they can be and it shows dads that they aren’t helpless or hapless people who can’t run a household in the absence of a mother or wife. Mr. Incredible does quite all right as Mr. Mom.

Take care of yourself and the rest kinda falls right into place. Touché, Pixar.

Strive for Balance

Another important lesson in this movie is understanding the importance of a work-life balance. Every parent struggles to raise healthy children without scaring them too much psychologically in the process. It’s a tall order, and finding the time to pursue your passions, raise your family, and kick butt in your career isn’t exactly easy. Then work in cooking healthy meals, exercise, and sleep, and it can feel overwhelming or nearly impossible.

This really harkens back to the first point made, which is that in order to have more balance in life, you unplug. When you’re with family, don’t take calls that aren’t life or death situations after you’re home. Dedicate some real time to your family, cook dinner together, talk about your day, and make time to just be together.

As for the passions, hobbies, and fitness pursuits in your life, you can involve your family in them. Teach your children about your hobbies, go for a family bike ride or take up disc golf, and learn a new skill together. Just take a step back because one day, your kids are going to pull a Violet Parr and disappear, moving on to live their own lives with the lessons you taught them. And no one wants to raise a super villain.

Maybe I take The Incredibles a little more seriously than other people, but so much thought is put into these movies, it’s hard not to go into deep think mode after I’m done watching. Just remember, everyone is super in their own way -- maybe even a little bit incredible!

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