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Message of Cell Phone Posture Delivered Loud and Clear

By Dr. Molly Casey

Your Phone and Your Body

Do your cell phone and spine have anything to do with each other? You may be surprised at what you find! That $500 cell phone may be responsible for that costly pain in your back or neck.

Common Cell Phone Posture

Grab your phone really quickly and go text someone, anyone. Humor me. Text someone and return to this article right afterward.

OK, so hopefully you just texted someone. Think about your posture. You grabbed your phone and likely immediately looked down and started texting away. Maybe, just maybe, if you were really thoughtful about it you put your cell phone a few inches in front of your midsection so your head wasn’t completely tipped down with your chin touching your neck.

Common texting behavior has the neck held forward and tipped down. In addition, most folks then round the shoulders forward and slouch a bit. While this doesn’t seem too harmful, think for just a moment about how much time we adults and even kids spend on a cell phone these days. It’s a lot of time.

Proper Spinal Posture

There are three natural curves in the spine that, for optimal health of the spine and nervous system, must remain intact throughout one’s life. While looking at someone from the side who has proper posture, you’ll notice the ears directly in line with the shoulders that are carried down the back. The shoulders are in line with and run down the middle of the hip joint. And the hips are in line with the knees that are slightly bent.

Cell Phone Posture And Spinal Health

The common cell phone posture is directly antagonistic to proper spinal posture. Improper cell phone posture on occasion will not make or break the health of your spine. The issue becomes notable because the time spent on cell phones these days is astronomical. It’s the repeated behavior of this posture that is playing a role in the problem of poor spinal health, poor overall health, and the pain in your neck and back.

How To Hold Your Cell Phone

It sounds simple but it matters. First and foremost, whenever you pick up your cell phone, focus on your overall posture. Pretend you have a string in the center of the top of your head and that string is being pulled straight up. Automatically, your shoulders round down and back, your chest opens up and your neck and head pull back. Consciously tuck your chin down and in just a bit, and bring your ears over your shoulders. Then bring your cell phone in front of you and up to eye level, which means the phone is out in front and above your shoulders. Pretend it is your computer screen and you’re looking straight at it. And yes, it will likely take two hands to text.

While this new posture may feel and look awkward, it will greatly support the health of your spine and your overall life. This is an example of daily habits and choices that will either foster health or slowly degrade it. They often aren’t fun or easy changes to make, yet the impact they can have on your life is immense. If you have further questions about your cell phone posture and the health of your spine, please drop in at The Joint Chiropractic, where its doctors deliver healthy messages loud and clear.

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