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Back Pain: Aquaman-ageable!

By Sara Butler

Making a Splash in the New Year

Image Source: IGN

Have you heard about this little movie that’s making quite the box office splash -- Aquaman? If you’ve seen it, or even heard of it, then you probably know that Aquaman is rather, um, physically fit. As I was watching this movie, contemplating Aquaman’s fine physique, it occurred to me that if he were real, he’d totally be that ripped. Why? All the swimming he does, of course!

Swimming is one of the best workouts for you. Seriously -- haven’t you ever watched the summer Olympics? You can bet that swimmers, including Aquaman, don’t suffer from back pain. And if they do, all they need to do is go for a swim to help them manage it. Here’s how swimming can help you avoid back pain or manage the back pain you do have. Take it from Aquaman because you do not want to argue with that guy.

Swimming: Great for Lower Back Pain

I can’t imagine Aquaman coming home from a long day of battling against King Orm and his vast underwater army and saying, “Man, does my back hurt.” There’s a reason that line wasn’t in the movie (sorry, should have noted the spoiler alert).

Muscle strength is the key to spinal health. Some conditions, such as lower back pain, can be effectively treated through muscle-strengthening exercises. The muscles strengthened during swimming help to increase the stability of the spine while taking pressure off the joints as a low impact exercise.

Swimming uses a wide variety of muscles that aren’t often used as part of your normal day. Your core muscles, back muscles, and leg muscles are all strengthened, which then helps your spine to function better. Swimming is a full-body workout -- something you can’t say about the elliptical or treadmill. Plus, can you imagine Aquaman on a treadmill? No way.

What Should You Be Doing?

Since there’s no vast underwater army for you to work to defeat in real life, what should you be doing in the pool to improve your spinal health? There are a few things you can do in the pool -- hopefully it’s heated if you’re working out this time of year -- to reduce your chances of experiencing back pain or help manage back pain you already have:

  • Walk it out - Something as simple as walking in the pool can make a big difference in your spinal health. The resistance offered by the water places more demand on your muscles and makes them work harder, strengthening them. Try getting your arms into the action by swinging them underwater as you walk to engage even more muscles.
  • Get into water aerobics - If you want to challenge your heart to help get it healthy without putting too much stress on your joints, seek out a water aerobics class. These classes help you strengthen muscles as you improve flexibility and amp up your cardio.
  • Swim some laps - If you’re comfortable with different swimming strokes, then do a few laps! If you’re a little shy and don’t feel you have strokes mastered, the good old doggy paddle can work to strengthen the muscles in your back, hips, and chest, making for a good workout.

You have one very large advantage over Aquaman (even with his amazing abs) -- the chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic! If you are locked in an epic battle between good and evil, or between back pain and good spinal health, then the chiropractors at The Joint are here to help!

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