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Innate Intelligence: Becoming Your Own Captain Marvel

By Sara Butler

Marvel in Your Health

Image Source: BGR

Captain Marvel was a tearjerker. Seriously, I teared up more than once just due to the new superhero movie’s sheer awesomeness. Plus, it had a plot twist or two that, as a seasoned moviegoer, I never saw coming.

As I was watching Vers throw off her shackles to become Captain Marvel, it reminded me a lot of one of the cornerstones of chiropractic: your body’s innate intelligence. The world of chiropractic may not be filled with alien races vying for power or ion engines that make travel to different galaxies possible, but it does touch on the awesome power your body possesses to do something truly incredible -- heal itself.

Not familiar with the concept of innate intelligence? Well, sit back, relax, and learn more about how your body could give a Marvel universe captain a run for her money.

Innate Intelligence: What Is It?

Your body possesses something called innate intelligence, which is its ability to heal itself. If you think about your body as if it’s a giant light bulb and your central nervous system the wires that connect it all together, innate intelligence is the energy that flows through you to light up your body. If there’s a problem along the circuit, then your light bulb won’t light -- and you may find yourself feeling low on energy with aches and pains to boot.

For the chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic, when your brain can freely communicate with every single part of your body unimpeded by joint dysfunctions and restrictions, then it can unleash its innate intelligence and work to heal itself. You may not be able to fire an ion blast from your hands, but it’s still pretty cool. It’s your body’s real superpower.

Why It Matters

You may be wondering why the ability for your body to heal itself is such a big deal. OK, so it’s not as if the survival of the whole human race is dependent on whether or not your old tennis injury tends to flare up from time to time, but your health as a whole is dependent on your body’s ability to work and repair itself unhampered. When your brain can coordinate with your entire body to help regulate function, then your overall health and wellness will improve. If your body is always working to overcome the maladies created by joint restrictions and dysfunctions, it draws energy away from other body functions. In other words, it dims your bulb. With chiropractic you can help your light shine brightly.

Chiropractic care helps to support your body’s innate intelligence. Much like Captain Marvel, once you realize what your body is capable of on its own, you’ll never look back. Who knows? One day you may just save the whole universe -- or at least your whole universe.

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