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Earth Day Every Day: How a Healthier You Makes a Healthier Planet

By Sara Butler

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! As we celebrate this giant ball of rock we call home, you should take some time to think about how your health impacts the health of the earth. Don’t worry, I’m not going to launch into a lecture about being one with the world’s energy -- I’m simply talking about the things you can do to improve your health that also happen to have an impact on this big blue planet.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22 -- and in honor of living every day like it matters -- here are just a few of the ways you can change your life for the healthier that will help the earth thrive too.

Going Green When You Clean

Some of the chemicals traditionally used to clean aren’t good for your health -- or the earth. Things such as chlorine-based cleaners or anti-bacterial soap, while great at disinfecting your home, are terrible for the environment and not so great for you, either.

Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution -- a cleaning solution, that is!

Check the labels of the cleaners you buy. Choose only supplies that are bleach-free and non-toxic. Or try branching out and making your own cleaning products with white vinegar, essential oils, and baking soda. Even plain vodka can leave your windows streak-free! I like my sliding glass doors shaken, not stirred.

No matter whether you buy or make your own, the goal is the same: Keep the earth safe and protect your precious brain cells too.

Bike to Work

If you live near your place of work, then why not take a page out of the Dutch playbook and bike there? Cycling burns a lot of calories, between 40 and 60 per mile. It helps to build muscle and it’s a great cardiovascular workout -- all while being kind to your joints. Plus, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint to keep the ozone layer safe. Mother Nature will thank you.

The whole month of May is “Bike Month,” so it’s the perfect opportunity to dust off your 10-speed and start commuting to work. Just make sure to wear a helmet and always follow the rules of the road.

Get Outside!

When you’re away from your home and exploring the world around you by hiking, biking, climbing, walking, jogging, or just plain adventuring, you’re saving energy in your house while expending your energy outside. Turning off the lights and electronics in your home for just one hour per day can have a huge impact on the health of the planet.

Getting outside is great for your health. The sunlight helps your body to produce Vitamin D to help boost your mood, you’re working your muscles to help make them stronger, and getting your heart pumping to help reduce your chances of heart disease. It’s a win-win for you and the planet.

Embrace Meatless Monday

If you can reduce the amount of meat you eat each week by just a little, then you’ll have a big impact on the environment and your health. After all, cows produce a lot of ozone-eating methane, which is a serious environmental issue. When you throw in the fact that the saturated fats in meat are not healthy for your heart, you’ve got a great case for going meatless.

Try working in a day or two per week in which you go meatless and you’ll help the environment as you help your heart. Embrace vegetables and try choosing locally grown produce while you’re at it; they’ll taste better and be better for your community.

From everyone here at The Joint Chiropractic, we hope you have a great Earth Day. Just remember that it’s the little things you do every day that have a big impact on your health and the health of the planet!

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