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What You Need to Know About Winter Fruit

By Martha Michael

The Best Winter Fruits

If a part of your annual lead-up to the holidays includes a call to Harry & David’s, you or your gift recipients are probably fruit lovers. The company’s global reputation for gold foil-covered Royal Riviera Pears from Oregon’s Rogue River Valley is what established the company’s legacy. But over its more than 100-year history, its merchandise has expanded to include plenty of food that you won’t find on anyone’s weight-loss diet.

E-commerce companies aren’t the only ones who know that winter doesn’t have to deprive you of the juicy fruits you enjoy all summer. Gone are the melon patches and beautiful, ripe peaches hanging on the tree, but there is a category of fruit offerings that can get you over the hump until strawberry season returns in the spring.

Edible Engagement

It requires some pivoting, but you can still get your fill of heart-healthy seasonal fruit this season. The Accuweather website has an article about some of the healthiest winter fruit choices available.

Pears - Some of the best known because of their prevalence during the holidays, pears provide dietary fiber, though they are not big contributors to your daily requirement of vitamins. The fiber helps with digestion and can assist you with weight loss while lowering levels of cholesterol. They come in numerous breeds including Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc, and Doyenne du Comice pears, a premium variety used for the aforementioned “Royal Riviera” gift baskets.

Grapefruits - January will bring a harvest of grapefruits which will make up for the Vitamins A and C you aren’t getting from your pears. This fruit builds a better immune system and stronger bones while serving as a healing force for injuries.

Cranberries - Typically associated with holiday mealtime, health-conscious individuals know about the high level of antioxidants in cranberries any time of year. Consumed through food or drink, the nutrients in this winter fruit can aid in the prevention of certain cancers, inflammation, and heart disease. According to medical experts, cranberry juice can reduce the prevalence of urinary tract infections in women.

Pineapple - You don’t need island fever to keep pineapple top of mind this winter. Pick one up when you can because it offers a lot of Vitamin C and the nutrient manganese, which regulates blood sugar and builds bones.

Apples - Called a superfood by some, good, old-fashioned apples have a plentiful list of nutrients to brag about. To name just a few, they offer Vitamin B and antioxidants which fight infectious diseases. There is also a lot of variation to keep things interesting -- Granny Smith, golden apples, red delicious, Fuji apples and more.

Persimmons - Far fewer individuals have eaten a persimmon, and in all likelihood, it was baked into bread or cookies. Another candidate for superfood status, persimmons are similar to tomatoes and have nutrients that contribute to the health of your heart, eyesight, and digestive system.

Bananas - Depending on where you live, you may consume bananas year-round. Most people know about the potassium content of bananas, which can lower stress and anxiety while helping your body with muscle function. Bananas also contain Vitamin B6 which builds cells in your body.

Fruit of a Healthy Routine

You are what you eat, but much more. There are many decisions that contribute or detract from your health; when the days get shorter and the cold weather arrives, you want to stay ahead of injuries and illness. Don’t let bad weather cut into your ability to stay healthy.

An exercise routine is always a good idea, but in winter it may require some creativity. If snowfall snuffs out your plan for hiking or you prefer swimming but have no indoor options, consider a home workout. There are plenty of yoga and fitness websites, many that offer free classes.

Regular chiropractic care is a first step to establishing and maintaining wellness. If it’s your first visit to a chiropractor, you begin with a medical history and consultation. This creates a baseline so when a challenge to your health materializes, it is more easily detected.

With routine checkups you gain the advantage of early detection and you have immediate treatment of musculoskeletal issues that develop. Your chiropractor can also guide you in designing a diet and exercise program that maximizes your opportunity to build muscle and raise your level of conditioning.

Aside from the heavy meals that often characterize winter comfort food, you can take pleasure in the tasty fruit of the season. But regarding your healthy food choices, remember when you reach into the holiday gift basket, all that glitters in gold foil wrappers isn’t golden.

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