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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Communication Highway Up and Running

By Dr. Molly Casey

Communication Highway

Do you ever think of how your body works and what it takes for it to function? So much of how you exist and function is far beyond your awareness. The body is an extensive and intricate machine. Often we only pay attention to it when certain signs, symptoms, or dysfunctions clearly arise. Chiropractic is about supporting the body in optimal communication and highest quality of life. Let’s start with communication because that is at the heart of all good relationships, even the one with your own body.

Communication Highway

The brain sends electrical impulses down the spinal cord and out miles and miles of nerves to every single cell, system, structure, tissue and organ in your entire body. In turn, those cells, systems, structures, tissues, and organs send information through the nerves to the spinal cord and back up to the brain. The nervous system is the communication highway. If you think of your whole body as a machine, your brain is the main processing component. It controls, directs and/or adjusts functions according to information received. You function and experience all of your life through this communication highway.

Automatic Functions

The communication highway is extremely complex -- it has to be since it shepherds everything your body does. Take a moment and think of every function that your nervous system is currently controlling at this moment, and what functions you have little to no awareness of. The heart is pumping, the lungs are inhaling and exhaling, damaged cells are being repaired and replaced, and food digestion may be occurring if you just ate. This all falls under the category of the autonomic portion of the nervous system. It controls the function of the organs and glands. The majority of your communication highway is controlling, directing, adjusting and processing automatic functions that you are not consciously aware of, yet these functions keep you alive and allow you to live life as seamlessly as possible. In fact, 90 percent of the nervous system is working on automatic functions.


While many enter into the chiropractic office in hopes of relief from pain or dysfunction, the truth is that chiropractic care is much deeper and more profound than this. Chiropractic care is about optimal communication within the body and the greatest possible quality of life. The spine houses and protects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord); think of it as the central frame of the machine (your body). If that central frame is functioning well, the communication highway can optimally interact. If the central frame is either not moving properly, stuck, or degrading, the communication highway itself will decrease in its ability to perform as effectively and/or efficiently as possible. You don’t want your highway to have a pothole in it.

Chiropractic care assists the communication highway to function as freely and optimally as possible by correcting improper motion and alignment within the central frame. Remember, 90 percent of the communication system is in charge of automatic functions that keep you alive and existing as seamlessly and healthy as possible. So regularly caring for the internal frame with chiropractic adjustments is a wise decision when looking to improve and maintain the highest quality of function, health and longevity. Again, maintenance to prevent potholes.

Life is far beyond what we are consciously aware of at any given moment. This truth extends to your body, how well it’s functioning, and your health. Experiencing the greatest level of health possible requires that you admit the body is working endlessly on functions you are not paying attention to, and that it is in your best interests to minimally seek regular care for the internal frame that houses and protects your communication highway. In other words, if you’ve never been to a chiropractor in order to maintain your central frame, you should schedule your first visit today. If you have been but are not under regular weekly or bi-weekly care, get back into the office and see your chiropractor. If you are receiving regular chiropractic care, take a moment to acknowledge yourself and your hard work on your health.

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