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These Are The Best Stretches To Boost Flexibility and Improve Mobility, According to Experts

The Joint's Dr. Kevin Lees serves as the primary expert in this article from SheFinds on the benefits and importance of stretching for improving flexibility and mobility.

Original article published by She Finds on January 29, 2023 on

By Olivia Avitt

There are several reasons you pay struggle with muscle mobility as you age. If you’re sitting down for the majority of the day, for example, this can put lots of pressure on your muscles and joints, leading to tightness, soreness, and increased risk of injury. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, especially as you age, stretching is incredibly important for the longevity of your joints and muscles. Life can be busy, but working daily stretching into your everyday routine doesn’t have to be time consuming. We asked Dr. Kevin Lees, D.C., manager of auditing and quality at The Joint Chiropractic, and Andrew Lenau, personal trainer and sports nutritionist from Set For Set, what the best stretches are for improved flexibility and mobility. They told us that a pectoral stretch and

Because your muscles lose elasticity as you age, it’s important to make a point to stretch them everyday. “Muscles can chronically tighten from maintaining sitting positions or from previous injuries. Scar tissue also can replace tissue making you less flexible,” Dr. Lees says, “Flexibility is important because it helps avoid injuries as well as keeping joints healthy. When you have a decreased range of motion, going outside that range can lead to torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons.” This doesn’t occur just through strenuous exercise, it can happen while doing something as menial as lifting a box or reaching for an object on a high shelf. According to Dr. Lees, your joints receive nutrition through motion, so if a joint decreases drastically in motion, it can become damaged and lead to things like arthritis.

We’ll break down the pectoral stretch and the cat-cow stretch below!

Pectoral stretch

One stretch that Dr. Lee recommends for women over 40 is the pectoral stretch. “A pectoral stretch can be beneficial to many parts of the body. Those that notice forward head posture and rounded shoulders can see the physical signs of tight chest muscles. Stretching your pecs regularly can help your posture, neck, upper back tightness, and breathing.” You don’t even need any equipment to efficiently do this stretch! It can be done easily with a door frame.

1. Rest one forearm on the door frame, so your elbow is almost level with your shoulder.

2. Gently rotate away from that arm until you feel the stretch across your chest. Try not to lean into the stretch, only letting the rotation of your body control the movement.

3. Changing the height of your elbow can help stretch different areas of your chest muscles. If you feel any pinching in your shoulder, stop the stretch and consult your doctor before stretching further.

Cat-Cow Stretch

For greater mobility and flexibility in your spine, Lenau suggests trying out the cat-cow stretch. “This stretch targets the back, hips, and core muscles,” he explains. “By doing this stretch, you can increase the flexibility of your spine and improve the balance of movement between your front and back body. This stretch can be beneficial for reducing pain and tension in the lower back.” Nice!

1. Start on all fours, hands under shoulders and knees under hips.

2. Inhale as you lift your head and tailbone, arching your back.

3. Exhale as you round your spine, tucking your chin to your chest and bringing your tailbone toward your knees.

As you age, there are lots of things to look out for when it comes to joint and muscle health. One of the biggest is the accumulation of old injuries. “The injuries you had when you were younger may not be painful today, but the scar tissue left behind may have lasting effects. Scar tissue is not elastic and much more likely to tear the area around it if over stretched. Muscles that are chronically tight can add more stress to tendons that can be ruptured,” Dr. Lees says, “Make sure you are warmed up and comfortable with all ranges of movement before starting an exercise program or a sport. Jumping into tennis after years of not playing could lead to creating a new injury or reactivating an old one.” Try following the pectoral exercise he mentioned above to promote more elasticity in your muscles so you can prevent any injuries.

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