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Cleanup, Conservation, and Chiropractic: Making Earth a Better Place

By Brandi Goodman

Cleanup, Conservation, and Chiropractic: Making Earth a Better Place

Earth Day raises awareness about the environment and various factors that affect it. It arrives every year on April 22, though many have taken to celebrating it the entire third week of April, and others celebrate it the entire month. It could, and perhaps should, truly be a year-round effort.

Earth Day and conservation go hand-in-hand, attempting to protect the world’s resources and making land livable for years to come. With cleanup, conservation, and chiropractic together, we all have the opportunity to make earth a better place for everyone.

Chiropractic for Those Who Clean Up Outdoors

Although taking care of the earth is a noble cause, you still need to exercise caution while doing so. Cleaning up outdoors can do wonders for the world, but it can hinder you if you aren’t careful. Before you begin, keep some chiropractic tips in mind so you can do all you can to stay safe, healthy, and pain-free while you work. The more freely you can move, the more tasks you can accomplish.

Stretch Your Body

Stretching before, during, and after your cleanup efforts will help you stay limber. The goal is to alleviate tension, lubricate your joints, and keep your body moving without discomfort. Just a few minutes is all it takes to give yourself a good stretch and prepare your body for the work that’s ahead. Stretching throughout your work can help keep aches at bay and ensure you’re maintaining your stamina.

Stay Hydrated

Water is equally important for keeping your joints lubricated and able to move. If you’re working outside in the sun, it’s also vital for keeping your organs hydrated and preventing heat-related complications. If you plan on gardening, planting, cleaning up, or handling any other outdoor task, be sure to bring along a water bottle or two so that you can sip throughout the session.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

The shoes you wear can also make a big difference in your cleanup and conservation efforts. You wouldn’t be able to spend hours working outside in uncomfortable footwear that is ill-fitting or doesn’t offer support. Wearing a comfortable pair that keeps you balanced and sturdy on your feet is the better solution.

Try Spring Cleaning Outside Your Home

Many people attempt the spring clean trend each year. Lots focus on just the inside of their home, clearing clutter and making space for new. Both the indoor areas you inhabit and the outdoor spaces you frequent should be cleaned up and cared for each spring, at the very least. It’s also worthwhile to clean other areas you visit. While taking care of your own yard is ideal for you and the surrounding environment, assisting in other spaces benefits even more people. Clean up trash you see at a local park or clear debris from sidewalks. The little ways in which you can help can truly make a big difference.

Find Something You Feel Good About

Earth Day is taught in schools to young students. When it is, the focus isn’t on forcing everyone to participate in one particular movement. The goal is to encourage each person to pick which conservation efforts make the most sense to them. Helping the earth is a great way to help yourself and your own mental health. That is, as long as you’re choosing something that you feel good about.

Some people may prefer getting outside to connect with nature. Planting trees around the community or taking on gardening tasks may be well-suited for these individuals. You could even join an eco-club or conservation group in your area that gathers together for these tasks.

Others may have a soft spot for animals. The Endangered Species Act got its start just a few years after the first official Earth Day in the 1970s. Finding ways to reduce your use of plastic can help, as can reusing items rather than creating so much new trash. Animals are greatly affected by what humans do to the world, and doing your part can make a major difference for us and them. There is also the option of “adopting an animal” and offering monetary contributions to an organization’s efforts to save them. The World Wildlife Fund is known for this.

Additional Ways You Can Help

The planet and all living organisms within it are affected by every big and little thing that happens. There are so many things we can do to make it a better place for humans, creatures, and plants.


Volunteering is a terrific option. There are numerous organizations in every state that request local volunteers to assist with various activities. Some may want help setting up at events or passing out food or other supplies to the needy. Others want to get as many people as possible together to clean up a local park or public space and boost its curb appeal (which, in turn, attracts others to keep up the efforts to maintain the area). You may find volunteer opportunities at local shelters for people or animals. Any way you can give back is worthwhile.

Research What You’re Buying

So much of what we purchase has a bigger impact on our world than we realize. Too many of our supplies and products contain harmful chemicals and toxic materials that harm the earth. Research what it is you’re buying and find eco-friendly and green products that are safer for your own household and the world. Using reusable metal straws instead of plastic is an easy solution, as is switching to paraben-free and phthalates-free cleaners and products. You can find beauty products without artificial dyes and foods packaged without preservatives.


Recycling has long been touted as an effective solution for keeping the earth clean and flourishing. Purchase that recycle bin so you can sort the trash from the recyclable products. Bring your paper to a local paper gator bin to be reused. Many schools provide them. Donate old clothes and household items. There are plenty of ways you can be of use.

Connect With The Joint Chiropractic

Before you begin your conservation efforts, check in with the doctors at The Joint Chiropractic. Getting an adjustment and ensuring your body is able to move to the best of its abilities is key if you have any hope of getting much accomplished. Keeping yourself healthy and thriving is just as important as doing the same for the earth. Earth Day and general conservation efforts cannot happen without you, after all.

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