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Vacation Relaxation: Travel Tips and Good Chiropractic Health

By Sara Butler

Travel Tips and Good Chiropractic Health

Vacation means one thing for many people: relaxation. Finding time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is important for your physical and mental health, which means relaxation must be near the top of your list of priorities.

If you’ve got summer travel plans this year, then there are some important things to know to help you get the most out of it. The chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic have you covered with travel tips for good chiropractic health.

Why Is Relaxation Important?

Relaxation is vital to your overall health and wellness. Studies have found that those who can remain relaxed reap the benefits by having healthier hearts, less stress, less muscle tension, better memory and brain function, and can avoid anxiety and depression. Relaxing also helps to keep your immune system functioning at its best and keep high blood pressure from developing. Don’t forget deep breathing, either! It’s a great stress-buster.

Reducing stress is a critical component in life because stress cannot be avoided. When you’re too stressed for long periods, the stress hormones your body naturally releases as part of its fight or flight response can wreak havoc on your overall health and wellness. That’s why relaxation and rewards, like a vacation, are so important on the road to good health.

Travel Tips and Good Chiropractic Health

Most people don’t think about being healthy on vacation and want to relax and indulge. Don’t worry, you can have it all when you go on vacation by including a few of these tips from the chiropractors at The Joint.

Take frequent breaks - Your body was made to move, not sit on a plane or in a car for hours at a time in the same position. Give your body what it wants by taking frequent breaks during extended periods of travel. Move around and get out of the position you’ve been in.

Stretch - Even when you are stuck sitting, you can take a page from your chiropractic care book and do some great seated stretches. You can roll your shoulders, stretch your neck from side to side, make small circles with your ankles, and raise your arms above your head as you reach for the sky. You may be surprised how good this makes you feel.

Don’t forget your posture - Posture should always be a priority, but it’s especially important when you’re traveling. Failing to do so can lead to aches and pains that aren’t conducive to relaxing! Remember to sit up with your shoulders back and your feet planted firmly on the floor when you can.

Don’t make your bag too heavy - Many people pack a lot for vacation in fear they may forget something, but you should not do that! The heavier the bag is, the more strain and stress you put on your muscles and your spine. Make sure your bag can be lifted without having to strain. When you do have to lift, always use your legs and hips, even your back.

Create a comfortable seat - When you are going to be seated, make sure to set up for supportive success. If you need to, use a neck cushion to support your neck and a lumbar pillow (or rolled-up shirt) to support your lower back.

See the chiropractor - If you’re on vacation and you go overboard, listen to your body. A chiropractor is available to help, especially with convenient offices of The Joint Chiropractic located throughout the United States.

Health Tips While on Vacation

Many people want to indulge when on vacation and that’s not off limits. It is a good idea to take some healthy habits with you when you go. Here are a few health tips to keep in mind when you go on vacation.

Eat healthy - True exploration of a new vacation location is done, in part, by experiencing the local cuisine. You don’t have to be strict about what you eat, but you should remember to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins wherever you go. Healthy carbohydrates and fats all have their place in a healthy diet too.

Stay hydrated - Every traveler should have a water bottle with them to stay hydrated while on vacation. No matter what type of climate you are traveling to, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. If you’re going out of the country, you may want to stick to bottled water for your health, depending on where you travel.

Check for a travel advisory - If you’re traveling internationally, it’s a good idea to check for a travel advisory. The Department of State posts these on its website. You should make sure there are no natural disasters taking place where you travel, too -- or any that are expected to happen.

How to Be a Smart Traveler

Another feature of the Department of State website is the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP. This free service is for U.S. nationals and citizens who plan to travel abroad. When you register your trip through the STEP program, it is enrolled with the closest United States embassy or consulate in that area.

By enrolling, you will receive information about the safety of your destination; be on a list to be contacted by the embassy or consulate in case of civil unrest, natural disaster, or some other event; and make sure that friends or family will be able to contact you while you’re away. It’s a great way to stay safe no matter your destination, and can go a long way in helping you to attain that relaxation you’re looking for.

Relaxation can happen anywhere, but there’s something about relaxing on vacation that just can’t be beaten. When you travel, getting all your ducks in a row before you travel will help to reduce stress and help you to enjoy a restful time away.

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