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‘Tis the Season for Joy, Cheer, and Sheer Exhaustion

Reviewed by: Dr. Steven Knauf, D.C.

By Donna Stark

The Holidays and Exhaustion

Worn out. Exhausted. Drained. Beat. In a world that perpetually moves at breakneck speeds, it’s no wonder that these words have become common in our everyday language. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something we can do to eradicate them.

Whether we’re worn out by physical activity, exhausted from a lack of sleep, drained of creativity and logic, or just completely beat after a seemingly normal day, there is still some hope (and energy!) to be found. And at no time of the year is that more prevalent and relevant than the holidays, a month-plus of cooking, cleaning, decorating, and wish fulfillment that can leave you sore-eyed and heavy-lidded.

Running on empty should be a thing of the past for all of us, and if we just get over the hurdle of being too tired of dealing with our fatigue, it can be.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Be Made to Reduce Exhaustion?

No matter how we describe it, we’ve all experienced burnout or moments of extreme tiredness. The bad news is that much of what we are feeling is directly caused by our very own actions and behaviors. However, the good news is that unless you are dealing with significant health issues or are on fatigue-inducing medications, recovering from burnout isn’t impossible. Committing to a few simple lifestyle changes and setting boundaries in your life can make a tremendous difference in the way you feel. Here are a couple of tips on how you can achieve complete burnout recovery and prevent future bouts of exhaustion.

  • Diet - Food is fuel. You are what you eat. It doesn’t take a degree in nutrition to know what is healthy and what isn’t. Energize your body, and potentially lose weight at the same time, by eating plenty of whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates.
  • Hydration - One of the biggest telltale signs of dehydration is fatigue. If you are feeling tired throughout the day, grab a tall glass of water before you hit the coffee, soda, or energy drink vending machines.
  • Sleep - Be honest -- when was the last time you woke up feeling completely refreshed and restored? Make it a point to follow a regular sleep schedule and create an environment that is conducive to sleep. Put your phone away at least an hour before bed too!
  • Stress - High stress levels are known to disrupt sleep. If you aren’t getting the rest you need, try to incorporate some journaling, meditation, and daily exercise into your life, or seek professional guidance and help.
  • Mental health - Additionally, if you are feeling emotionally or mentally unwell, you may experience burnout more quickly than others. To help prevent this, prioritize your self-care routines or speak to your doctor for advice.
  • Exercise - While you may think exercise will tire you out, it can actually have the opposite effect! With as little as 30 minutes of physical activity each day, you could find yourself feeling more energized.

Many causes of fatigue and exhaustion are often temporary and can easily be alleviated by making the simple changes above. But if you do make the changes and still don’t see any improvements, or if your quality of life hasn’t gotten any better, it may be time to see your primary care doctor to rule out potential medical issues.

Why Is Physical Activity a Way to Recover From Exhaustion?

It can sometimes be hard to understand how exercise can increase an individual’s energy, especially when it’s energy that is being burned during workouts. But it’s true. Incorporating at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity into your daily routine can make a huge impact on your overall wellness and energy levels. Here’s how.

  • Increases circulation - Exercise enhances blood circulation, which allows oxygen and vital nutrients to reach your organs and tissues more efficiently. In other words, it helps to deliver the body’s main sources of energy.
  • Reduces stress - Exercise is known to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, which are common contributors to fatigue. It’s the perfect way to let off some steam and improve your mood.
  • Promotes quality sleep - Daily exercise may help regulate sleep schedules and improve overall sleep quality. Just watch the clock! Don’t exercise too closely to your bedtime.
  • Improves mobility - The body doesn’t have to work as hard (or tire as easily) when exercise is in the picture. Your daily workouts can help strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and improve endurance.
  • Balances hormones - Hormones play a vital role in regulating energy and mood. Daily exercise helps balance all hormones, including the ones associated with stress and sleep.

Regular exercise can give you the energy you need to complete your daily tasks and make it through your days feeling alert and energized. However, it’s important to remember that you can become exhausted from too much exercise as well. That’s why it is vital to pay particular attention to how you feel after your workouts so you can find the perfect balance for both your body and lifestyle.

What Connection Is There Between Chiropractic and Physical Activity?

For many people, exhaustion stems from the everyday, nitty-gritty things of life. Things like shopping, cooking, chauffeuring kids, working, taking care of the home, getting ready for the holidays -- the list could go on and on and on, which is exactly why we need our energy to be at peak level. It’s also why we should always include some form of physical activity every day. But what if exercise just doesn’t feel good? What if your joints hurt and your muscles are too sore to move?

There’s a reason why so many people establish regular chiropractic care in their lives. Actually, there are many reasons, but the main one we are going to touch on is that routine chiropractic treatment can help keep you moving. And if you can keep moving, you may be able to experience less fatigue and more energy during your days. Listed below are just a few of the ways chiropractic care can help you stay physically active.

  • Corrects alignment issues
  • Eases muscle tension and strain
  • Reduces joint pain and dysfunction
  • Decreases inflammation and swelling
  • Restores flexibility, range of motion, and mobility
  • Strengthens balance and coordination
  • Alleviates symptoms of stress and anxiety

If you are interested in learning how the chiropractic approach can make a difference in your life, visit your local chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic for a consultation and chiropractic adjustment. There’s no better time than now to do it.

What Causes Exhaustion During the Holiday Season?

Although there are more signs than you can count proclaiming that joy is in the air, the holidays are often a bittersweet mixture of excitement and extreme weariness. That’s because we put so much pressure on ourselves to make every outfit, party, meal, gift, and excursion Instagram-worthy. We have to decorate. We have to shop. And we do that while still tackling our normal obligations and daily routines. It's easy to feel overwhelmed during this time of year and even easier to find ourselves in complete and utter exhaustion, so start taking action now.

Good Health and Boundless Energy Are the Perfect Gifts to Yourself

The best way to improve your energy and ensure a more enjoyable holiday season is to be very proactive with your overall health and wellness. Protect your energy levels at all costs by following the lifestyle tips above, setting healthy boundaries for your mental and emotional well-being, and establishing routine chiropractic care in your life.

Remember, prioritizing self-care during this busy time of year is not only a gift to yourself, but a gift to all those around you too.

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