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Awesome Tips for Getting Better Sleep Every Night

By Genevieve Cunningham

There just aren’t enough hours in a day. For most of us, this is exactly how we feel. With work, families, community, personal time, and other obligations, it sometimes feels as though getting everything done is absolutely impossible. And what tends to suffer first? Our sleep! Unfortunately, sleep is one of the first to go and one of the things we need the very most. If you really need more rest in your life in order to improve overall health, take a look at these tips for better sleep every single night.

A Bedtime is Important for Adults, Too

Kids have bedtimes. We know that it’s important for them to get adequate sleep in order to grow and stay healthy. So … what changes between childhood and adulthood? Nothing. We still need an adequate amount of sleep to stay healthy and function normally. If you don’t have one already, consider setting yourself a bedtime. It doesn’t have to be super early, but it should be consistent. This helps to train the body to wind down and encourages sleep. It might take a while to get used to, but the positive effects will be far worth it in the end.

Technology is Totally Keeping You Awake

We love technology. From smartphones to laptops to Netflix to gaming systems, most of us wouldn’t even know what to do without technology of some sort. The problem is that we rely on these items to soothe us when we’re bored. When we get in bed at night and can’t fall asleep right away, we reach for the nearest device. The constant messaging of technology as well as the blue lights emitted actually tells our brains to stay awake. It might be hard, but if you want more sleep, nix technology from the bedroom for good.

Wind Down Time is Really Necessary

How many of us go from 100 miles an hour to getting in bed? Most of us. We rush around all day, come home, skip the unwinding process, and then expect to fall asleep. It doesn’t work that way. When we do this, our minds and bodies are still ramped up and ready to go. Make sure that winding down is part of your evening life. It might be a little TV, a quick stretch, a hot shower, and then bed. Or it could be dinner, a book, family time, and bed. Whatever works for you is fine. But find what works and stick with it, or you’ll never be able to calm the body and mind enough to get the sleep you need.

Getting enough sleep is hard for the average adult. Lives are busy, schedules are packed, and obligations are plenty. But without enough sleep, every part of our lives suffers in a big way. If you’re ready to get more sleep every single night, take a look at these tips and get a little shut-eye as soon as tonight.

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