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Building a Strong Foundation of Health

By Donna Stark

We’ve all seen the inspirational poster of an iceberg hanging at the office, in a teacher’s classroom, or along a hallway at our local library, haven’t we? You know which one I am talking about … the one that pictures the tip of an iceberg jutting out of the ocean while also showing the bottom 2/3 underneath. I believe the purpose is to remind us that although we only see what’s on the surface, we can’t forget about what’s below it, what supports it. And I know that’s not a very eloquent way to explain the picture, but rest assured, if you do happen to see one, you can count on there being a beautiful quote right alongside it that may offer a much deeper thought to its meaning.

Well, being healthy and fit is like that iceberg, in that we typically only see what’s on the outside or what’s on the surface. We see each other eating well and working out; we see each other dropping sizes and buying new clothes. We may even see each other standing on stage showing the world what our hard work has brought us to. And that hard work? Well, that’s the stuff underneath the tip and that’s what will get you the results you want.

What’s Underneath?

You can never be “all tip and no iceberg,” so here are some different kinds of tips, some life tips, on how to build that hidden foundation to a better you.

  • Ask yourself why - Understanding what your goals are and why you chose them gives you the motivation that will be needed to prioritize your health and fitness over other things in your life. Write it down and post it on your bathroom mirror if you have to.
  • Schedule it - Your calendar reflects the most important things in your life, so use this tool to keep track of how your goals will be achieved. Schedule your workouts, your meal-planning, and your grocery shopping.
  • Subtract, then add - Take time out of your daily schedule for those low-value behaviors (binge-watching television shows, playing video games) and add it to your more healthier habits (exercise, meal planning). Fifteen minutes less of couch time can mean 15 minutes more of exercise with your family. Increase this amount little by little over time.
  • Create a healthy home environment - Create the kind of environment that will encourage everyone to live healthier. Put ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables within reach, place exercise balls near the sofa as alternative seating, hide the remotes … you get the picture.

The Tip of Your Iceberg

Almost everyone knows what the tip of the iceberg looks likes, but unfortunately, not everyone knows what is underneath. Foundations have to be strong and when it comes to getting fit and maintaining optimal health, your body needs the very same thing. So focus more on what is underneath, because before you know it, your tip will be exactly how you want it to look.

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