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The 8 Joint-Pain Clubs in YOUR Golf Bag

By Krista Elliott

Golf. You either hate it or love it — often within the same round. Golf is also a lot of fun, and is a good form of exercise, especially if you forego the electric carts. But as with most any sport, there is always a risk of injury. Gentle golf may be, but it can still do a number on your joints and spine, leaving you with strains, subluxations and worse if you're not careful.

So, let's take a look at what joint pain we might be carrying around in our golf bag:

Driver: Back Pain - Carrying a heavy golf bag plus the considerable stresses of a golf swing? It's a recipe for muscle strains and painful subluxations. Using a pull cart and performing exercises that stretch and strengthen the back may help.

Three Wood: Neck InjuriesAfter swinging the club and hitting balls for hours, your overtaxed neck may be more prone to strained muscles and cervical disc injuries. 

Three Iron: Rotator Cuff InjuryGolfers can develop tendonitis, bursitis, and tears in the rotator cuff due to the repetitive motion of the golf swing, all of which can then lead to joint instability or damage.

Five Iron: Golfer's ElbowSwinging clubs over and over again can lead to a repetitive strain injury of the elbow tendon called golfer's elbow, which causes pain where the tendons of the forearm muscles attach to the elbow. This can lead to poor biomechanics and subluxations.

Seven Iron: Wrist, Hand, and Finger InjuriesThe most common golf-related wrist, hand, and finger injury is tendonitis. This condition makes it hard to move the affected joint, leading to overcompensation from other joints which can result in wear or injury.

Nine Iron: Hip Injuries Joint pain in the hips from golf is surprisingly common, and is caused by the large amount of pressure placed on the joint and its muscles during your golf swing. This joint can also be overextended during your swing, leading to pain and instability.

Pitching Wedge: Knee PainPoor mechanics of the knee joint, especially when walking up hills or twisting during your swing, can lead to conditions like osteoarthritis or meniscus injuries.

Putter: Foot and Ankle Injuries - Weak swing mechanics combined with overuse can result in a high risk of foot and ankle injuries, such as sprains and tendonitis. 

Getting a Hole in One With Chiropractic Care

Wondering what a stable, better-aligned frame can do for your golf game and your well-being? Wonder no more! The Joint Chiropractic is here to help ensure that each and every one of your joints is as stable and well-aligned as possible, helping to improve your balance, your resistance to injuries, and your range of motion. And if you still get hurt? Chiropractic care from The Joint is a natural and medication-free way to help reduce both chronic and acute pain and speed healing. 

So, if a little birdie (or even an eagle) tells you to go visit The Joint, don't hesitate to come by today! 


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