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6 Symptoms Caused By Joint Restrictions

By Brandi Goodman 

The tiniest joint restrictions within your body can cause significant problems. You may not even be aware you have a subluxation until the chiropractor tells you so. Watch out for the following symptoms to determine if this may be what you're experiencing. Seek chiropractic care once you notice any of them.

Back Pain

One of the most commonly experienced symptoms due to a restriction is back pain. If you notice pain in any part of your back -- and it seems to have come on for no reason -- see your chiropractor. An adjustment may be able to correct the subluxation and reduce the discomfort you're feeling.


A headache is another common symptom. This is especially true if your joint restriction is near your neck. If a dull headache seems to bother you and no amount of stretching or over-the-counter medication helps, then it may be time to seek a chiropractor's help.

Restricted Movement

A small restriction is all it takes to restrict your movement. You may find yourself unable to reach as far as previously could or struggling to walk for long intervals. Whatever the case may be, having a chiropractor check for and correct a subluxation could restore your mobility.

Muscle Tightness

The blood vessels, nerves, and muscles are all put under pressure when a subluxation is in place. This can result in muscle tightness. If you massage the area and allow it time to rest and still experience a tight feeling, a trip to the chiropractor may be in order. Setting the restriction right may alleviate the tight feeling and help your muscles feel relaxed again.


A spinal subluxation within the lower lumbar region of your back can lead to sciatica. A nerve gets pinched and shoots pain down your lower back, hips, and legs. A chiropractor may be able to correct the restriction and alleviate this pain.

Joint Degeneration

After joint restrictions remain in place for a while, movement can become extremely limited. Unnecessary wear and tear occurs because of this. The degeneration of the muscles and joints  leads to severe pain and problems for you. You'll need to seek the guidance of a chiropractor to determine your best course of action.

You may experience just one or all of these symptoms when you have a joint restriction in place. Receiving regular chiropractic care can help to handle subluxations soon after they've arrived so the problem does not become severe and lead to degeneration. Any time you notice discomfort within your body that does not alleviate with stretches, drinking water, or rest, a chiropractor needs to be visited. The Joint Chiropractic can help.

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Phoenix, Ariz.

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