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Not Just for Salads: The Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

<p>If you thought Balsamic vinegar was just used for spritzing over a salad, then you are grossly misinformed. Balsamic vinegar is practically like health-care in a bottle. And fortunately for you, it doesn’t even take a trip to Italy to get some because Balsamic vinegar is more popular than ever in the United States.</p> <h3>Not Just Good, But Good for You</h3> <p>Balsamic vinegar contains a laundry list of medicinal benefits: it aides in circulation, Helps control diabetes, works as a pain reliever and even contributes to better digestion among other things. The fact that all the good it does is disguised as a garnish for salad and dessert is just a bonus. Consider the following, and then head over to the International Aisle of your local grocery store and stock up on a few bottles.</p> <h3>Digestion</h3> <p>Balsamic vinegar is heavy on polyphenols which increases pepsin enzyme activity in your body. Without being too technical, pepsin is a digestive enzyme that helps break down proteins into amino acids. All you know is that you’re enjoying your meal but your digestive system loves the effect that Balsamic vinegar has on whatever it is on your plate. Remember, efficient absorption of amino acids makes it easy for your body to what it’s paid to do and that includes overall body maintenance in addition to repairing and building cells</p> <h3>Controlling Diabetes</h3> <p>Recent studies have shown that consuming just three to four tablespoons of balsamic vinegar can enhance a person’s insulin sensitivity. What that means for you is that the higher your insulin sensitivity is, the better your chances are of controlling diabetes.</p> <h3>Good for Bones</h3> <p>Balsamic vinegar is an excellent source of both magnesium and calcium, which as probably know are important in the formation of strong and healthy bones. Plus, the presence of acetic and pepsin (as mentioned earlier) help improve the absorption of these important minerals into your body.</p> <h3>Lean and Clean</h3> <p>The antioxidants found in balsamic vinegar help destroy free radicals. That is all you need to know. That and free radicals destroy cell membranes, encourage premature aging and contribute to the hardening of the arteries. That’s three strikes against you right there in terms of overall good health. Balsamic vinegar helps to counteract these actions and as if that wasn’t enough, balsamic vinegar has also been seen to slow the process of aging.</p> <h3>Good for Your Heart and Circulation</h3> <p>Balsamic vinegar is low in cholesterol and saturated fat which means there’s no collateral damage to your heart. Balsamic vinegar improves your overall heart health because it blocks unwanted fats from being deposited in your blood vessels. What’s more, balsamic vinegar contains low sodium and that helps to reduce and keep your blood pressure in check.</p> <h3>Better Than Aspirin?</h3> <p>During the time of the Roman Empire, the citizenry would ingest balsamic vinegar as a homemade pain reliever. They discovered it helped against headaches and even migraines (and considering that the Roman Empire stretched half way around the world, that’s a lot of potential headaches). The vinegar was used then and even still used today to treat infections and scratches due to its anti-bacterial properties.</p> <p>So there you go: the health benefits of balsamic vinegar go way beyond a salad enhancer. And even if that’s all you use it for, then you’re still doing yourself a world of good!</p>

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