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A Wrench in Your Back

By Krista Elliott

One irrefutable truth about machinery is this: The more moving parts you have, the greater the odds of something going awry. And the more important that machine is, the more it gets used, which also increases the odds of something going pear-shaped. That's why any company with these types of machines tends to keep a large maintenance crew on site, to do regular preventative maintenance on these machines, keeping them running smoothly and preventing smaller issues from turning into big, costly repairs (or replacements). And with the right training and experience, these maintenance folks soon learn every square inch of the machines under their care, knowing exactly what needs fixing just from a change in its vibration or output. 

You may not have thought of your joints and spine as machines, but in a way, they are. Your entire musculoskeletal system is a series of moving parts, carrying out the tasks and functions determined by your body's foreman: Your brain. 

There's No Work Order for This, Boss

So, what happens to a machine when it's not maintained? When small issues aren't noted, let alone addressed? That's right: They turn into large issues that if not treated can bring the entire machine to a screeching halt. 

Your spine and joints are much the same way. Too many of us neglect that part of our body. We think that if we're not experiencing any symptoms, then everything must be running along smoothly. Or we have symptoms but we ignore them, figuring our aches and pains are just a natural, normal part of getting older. 

In the meantime, however, our joints and spine might be experiencing subluxations that left untreated can turn into nasty conditions like spinal stenosis, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, or painful joint misalignments that can affect your stance and gait, leading to full-body pain. And one thing your body DOESN'T have in common with machines? Parts are a lot harder (if not downright impossible) to replace. 

Getting the Crew to Punch In

To keep your machines running smoothly, you keep a professional and vigilant maintenance crew, right? Well, here at The Joint Chiropractic, we're the maintenance crew for your joints and spine. Regular chiropractic care acts as a routine inspection allowing our chiropractic doctors to make the small fixes that allow your body to keep running smoothly. And as well, routine chiropractic care will make sure that any larger issues are discovered and treated before they get any worse. With their extensive experience, the experts at The Joint can even determine when a seemingly unrelated symptom, like headaches or balance issues, is caused by joint subluxations. 

So visit any of The Joint's more than 350 nationwide locations today. You don't need an appointment or a work order to get The Joint on the job, helping your body become a well-oiled machine.

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