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Why Your Spine Needs Unclogging

By Krista Elliott

Like many people with newer homes, I have a central vacuum system. It definitely has its benefits. It's light and powerful, and makes it much easier to vacuum my stairs. 

The drawback? It clogs. Often. Part of the reason is that between my husband and I, we shed enough hair to start our own wig factory. (Add that to the crayons and Legos that get sucked up, and you have a recipe for disaster.) The other reason is the nature of the system; the pipes in the walls aren't just one big, straight line. And all of those bends and turns, necessary as they are, make the entire system more prone to clogs. 

While wrestling with my Shop-Vac the other day, trying to tease a stubborn clog loose from the central vac pipes, I had a thought. OK, so I had a lot of thoughts, most of which are unprintable on this site. But the "ah-ha!" moment was when I realized that my struggle was the perfect illustration of why chiropractic care is so necessary. 

Keeping Things Clear

Your spine has multiple functions. The one we commonly think of is its function as a support system. It's the main structure holding up our body. You could still live without a femur or a humerus, but remove your spine, and your entire body would collapse, with your skull coming to rest somewhere in your ribcage. (It'd be an entertaining mental image if it didn't ALSO mean that you'd die pretty much immediately.) 

The function we don't always think about is our spine as a pipe. But it is. Your spine provides a protective and flexible tunnel for your spinal cord, that crucial nerve stem that sends impulses back and forth from brain to body. 

Normally, this pipe is clear and straight, with nerve impulses traveling at lightning-speed, making your heart beat, your limbs move, your nose itch, and your eyeballs move just enough to read this blog post. 

But what if the tunnel isn't straight anymore? 

A Kink in the System

When you have spinal issues, with subluxated vertebrae, herniated discs, or other such conditions, your spine is no longer a straight, clear tunnel. Instead, little jigs and jogs in the path can slow down (or even scramble) your nerve impulses. This can result in your body not working as efficiently as it could be -- a change we often attribute to aging, thinking there's nothing we can do about it. 

With regular chiropractic care from The Joint, you'll get the precise and gentle adjustments that can help keep your spine in proper alignment, treating the subluxations and joint restrictions that are interfering with your body's nerve impulses. Thanks to the chiropractors at The Joint, your spine can be a clear path to wellness. And that definitely doesn't suck. 

To learn more about your health and wellness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic.

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