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How Much Water Should You Drink in a Day?

By Alexis Mills

It's known that drinking water is important for our health because our body is made of 60 to 70 percent water that needs replenishing. There are many reasons to stay hydrated that you've heard repeated over and over and there's also unexpected benefits. What people really need to realize is that not everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day and that each person needs to drink a different amount of water a day.

How Much Exactly?

How much water to drink is the hard question to answer. Let's start with the premise that no one can tell you exactly how much water to drink daily. It's recommended from the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that men drink about 15.5 cups (124 ounces) and women drink 11.5 cups (92 ounces) per day. The truth is that some people need more and some need less based on their weight, exercise, environment, age and overall health. So, finding an exact number is not as simple as you might think. If you want to find an exact amount, Camelbak made a hydration calculator quiz that will tell you how much you should consume every hour based on the answers you give. Keep in mind that is still average based on your circumstances and it can still vary slightly.

How to Keep it Simple

If you don't want to go through the hassle of figuring out exactly how much you should drink in a day, you can experiment to see what works best. Fill up a reusable water bottle and carry it with you everywhere you go. Drink when you are thirsty and refill it when you are done. There is a thirst mechanism in your brain, so most people don't have to consciously think about how much water to drink. But be mindful that this mechanism doesn't mean you are drinking enough water. Pay attention to your body and the signals it is sending you.

When to Drink Extra Water

  • If you are sweating a lot
  • When you are dieting
  • When you are drinking alcohol and coffee
  • If you have a dry mouth
  • When you can't think straight
  • If you are in high elevation
  • If you have a fever
  • While you are breastfeeding
  • After you exercised
  • When you are in hot weather

Why Drinking Enough Water is so Important 

If you didn't know already, drinking water is necessary for your entire body to work properly. If you are already feeling the below benefits or rarely feel thirsty, then you are likely properly hydrated. If you feel thirsty often, read the benefits you can receive from drinking more water.

  • Helps you lose weight
  • Eases headaches
  • Better focus and productivity at work
  • Helps with digestion and constipation
  • Uplift your mood
  • Reduce risk of cancer
  • Prevent hangovers
  • Help with back pain
  • Boost immune system

Of course, you can always just rely on what is a good rule of thumb: drink half you weight in ounces per day. 

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in North Little Rock, Ark.

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