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How to Become a Morning Person (And Why You Should!)

By Genevieve Cunningham

There's a lot of debate about the schedule of the day. Some people seem to be born night owls. They stay up late, sleep in, and can’t really help it. Other people seem to be born early, waking up ready to go first thing in the morning. And then there are those in between … their internal clock can be set in either direction, but they have to make a choice. If you want to improve your day, try taking the early bird approach. Take a look at these benefits to becoming a morning person, as well as some tips for making it happen.

Let’s Start With the Why

If you’re unsure about whether or not you want to become a morning person, take a look at these reasons to catch the early worm, all based on different research and observations.

  • Morning People are Often More Productive - Researchers believe this for two main reasons. First, morning people tend to have a bit more quiet alone time. Second, they’re already ready to tackle projects by the time everyone else is just waking up, so they literally have a head start on those waking up a little later.

  • Morning People Tend to Be More Stable and Reliable - This doesn’t really have anything to do with the individual … it’s not an attack on night people! The theory is simply that morning people use a huge amount of self-discipline to turn their habits around. And then they stick to their habits like glue, which makes them come across as more reliable.

  • Morning People Have More Stable Moods - Another research-based observation about morning people is that their moods seem to be more stable. The thought is that they simply get more sleep than others.  They also have more time to begin their day, so they rarely start in that hurried rush that gets many people off on the wrong foot.

So, How Do You Become a Morning Person?

There’s no denying that it’s incredibly tough to turn your habits and schedule around, but if you’re interested in changing your habits, these small tips might help you get started.

  • You Need a Desire - You can’t change any habit unless you want to. If you’re perfectly happy staying up until the wee hours of the morning, great! If you want to become a morning person, start by gaining a desire and an understanding about why it’s so beneficial.

  • Start Very Slowly - You don’t want to jump from getting up at 10 in the morning to getting up at 6 all in one go. You’ll probably fail. Instead, scoot your morning wakeup time by just a few minutes, 30 maximum. Once you’ve grown accustomed to this routine, turn it back a little more. This is much easier on both your body and mind and can lead to greater success rates.

  • Give Yourself an Incentive - Find something to look forward to in the mornings. Maybe it’s quiet time without work or kids hounding you. Maybe it’s a warm cup of coffee on the front porch. Whatever you find enjoyable, try it first thing in the morning, and let that be your drive to wake up.

Is there anything wrong with being a night owl? Of course not! There are advantages and disadvantages to both. But if you weigh your options and decide that the benefits of being a morning person are worth it, use these tips to get you started off in the right direction.

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