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The Real Advantages of Quitting Caffeine

By Genevieve Cunningham

Who doesn’t love a good caffeine kick in the morning? There’s something about that first sip of coffee or a nice cold Coca-Cola (or other suitable beverage) that helps the eyes wake up and gets the mind revved up. We’ve definitely become a society addicted to this powerful substance, and most of us have moved beyond the morning pick-me-up and into the caffeine all day territory. But is it really advantageous to rely on caffeine to keep us moving, or might there be a better way? If you’re on the fence about how much caffeine is too much, take a look at these real advantages to giving it up for good.

Less Caffeine Often Leads to Better Sleep

Who is surprised about this one? No one. Caffeine, being quite the stimulant, tends to keep us up at night. While this effect isn’t quite as bad if it’s only used first thing in the morning, it can still impact the quality of sleep that we get. What’s more, caffeine is found in many more substances that we think. Even if your caffeine or soda intake is a morning only habit, caffeine can still be found in many foods including chocolate and protein bars.

It May Help Lower Feelings of Anxiety

Stimulants of all kinds tend to amp up feelings of anxiety, and this includes caffeine. While you may not even notice the subtle rise in anxious feelings, you will undoubtedly notice the slight calming feeling that comes after quitting. This is especially beneficial for those who are more prone to suffer from anxiety anyway, as caffeine only maximizes on these feelings and leaves you in a more tense and hyper aware state.

Caffeine Will Have a Kick Again When Needed

When we use caffeine every day for days on end, our bodies and minds get used to it. We become incredibly dependent on it, and even though it feels as though we couldn’t live without it, it actually loses a lot of its power when used in this manner. Once the substance is no longer a part of our lives, our bodies readjust. What does this mean? It means that should you ever need a real pick-me-up … one of those moments that you can’t survive without a burst of energy … caffeine will actually work again since your body is no longer completely used to and dependent on the chemical.

Is caffeine the worst thing in the world? There are many substances that are far worse, but that doesn’t mean that caffeine is a saint either. While a little bit probably won’t wreak much damage long-term, it’s worth paying attention to any side effects that it brings and limit intake when possible. Doing so might just lead to better health than ever before.

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