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What People With Celiac Disease Are Tired of Hearing

By Lana Bandoim

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that can affect children and adults. It requires changing to a gluten-free diet that is strict and not always easy to follow. Unfortunately, there is confusion about this disease that makes the lives of patients difficult. Many people with celiac disease are tired of hearing common myths and misconceptions.

Myth: It Is an Allergy

Celiac disease is not an allergy, but many people assume it is one. This is an autoimmune condition without an official cure. Unfortunately, some people do not understand autoimmune disorders and spread the myth that celiac is an allergy.

Myth: A Little Crumb Will Not Hurt You

People who have celiac disease must remove all gluten from their diet. This means that they cannot eat wheat, rye, triticale, barley or other sources of gluten. However, some people think that a few crumbs of gluten will not hurt them. It is possible to have a reaction to a small crumb of wheat bread or pastry. In addition, some people may not have any visible symptoms after eating a tiny amount of gluten, but their small intestines are still being damaged.

Myth: You Can Scrape Off the Gluten

Gluten is a sticky protein that does not break down easily. Even extremely high cooking temperatures cannot destroy it. Some people falsely believe that you can offer a person a piece of food and simply scrape off the gluten to be safe. For example, they may offer a cake with icing and scrape off the white flour cake. Unfortunately, this only creates cross-contamination with gluten that can hurt the person with celiac disease.

Myth: You Can Outgrow It

This myth is more common among children who are still growing. They incorrectly assume that celiac disease will go away as they get older. However, celiac disease does not have a cure and cannot be outgrown. Both children and adults have to follow a gluten-free diet for the rest of their lives. Symptoms usually disappear after switching to the required diet, but this does not mean that the autoimmune condition is gone. It is important to continue avoiding gluten despite feeling better.

If you have celiac disease, try to educate others about this condition and address the common myths. Reach out to people who are confused and help them understand this is a serious autoimmune disorder that can increase the risk of cancer and other problems.

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