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10 Fast Ways to Catch a Liar

By Sandy Schroeder

Researchers say over 90 percent of us lie, either at home or work. Often, it’s to avoid an awkward situation or hurting someone’s feeling, but the issue remains. How do we know if someone is lying?

Lifehack tells us body language can be a quick tipoff. Here are some signs to watch for:

Smiles disappear – If someone is lying they may smile a lot less or simply fake a smile. To convince you of their sincerity they may try to look completely serious.

Masking the mouth – People often indicate secrets with a finger to the mouth, and they may signal a lie the same way. Covering the mouth with a hand or fingers may be a signal the truth is being muffled.

Tapping the nose – As they spin a lie, they may unconsciously touch their nose. Scientists have found the nose actually expands in a chemical reaction when someone is lying, which may make the nose itch or tingle.

Nervous neck rubbing – Using one finger, they may rub it down the side of their neck as they talk. It’s almost as if you can look into their brain and see the discrepancy in their words.

Frequent face touching – Fingering the cheeks, or chin happens when someone is trying to cover up the facts.

Massaging the eyes – To avoid looking at you, the liar may rub the eyes, much as a child might cover their eyes when they are inventing an excuse.

Finger tapping – I have noticed people who are telling a fake story often twitch a little, tapping fingers or feet. It’s as if the pressure of the deceit can’t be contained.

The voice goes up – I have also noticed the voice of the liar goes up a little. Tension could cause the voice to raise.

Flushed faces – Sometimes a liar will flush a little or start to sweat. If they are not accomplished liars, the whole body may react.

Shifting eyes – This is another classic. When they spin a lie they may find it difficult to look directly at you, as their gaze slides away.

If you know the person well, there may be other signs that seem a little unusual that you can spot. Their usual posture and mannerisms may all shift a little as they attempt to scam their way through a situation.

Be on the alert and you may be amazed how quickly body language gives the liar away.

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