Try These Yoga Positions For More Restful Sleep

There’s no way to deny it any longer – sometimes, getting a truly restful night of sleep is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Whether we’re kept tossing and turning by thinking about all the stresses of our daily lives, or our environments just aren’t conducive to getting a good night’s rest, more and more of us are waking up (if we even managed to get to sleep at all) exhausted, bleary eyed, and unable to focus as well as we know we are capable of doing.

It’s fortunate that there are more than a few methods to practice in order to make sleep come easier to us, such as exercising regularly, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and practicing yoga and meditation exercises. According to an article on CNN, there are certain yoga poses that are well known to induce better sleeping patterns on us. This is a great relief, considering acute sleep deprivation is linked to moodiness, unhealthy eating habits, and an inability to focus. The symptoms only progress to even worse levels when your sleep deprivation becomes a chronic condition. From here, your  risk for developing such serious diseases as cancer and diabetes rises dramatically. Furthermore, you may begin experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

So how can the power of yoga work to benefit you in terms of improving your sleeping habits? Here are some poses to try tonight in the hour before your bedtime.


Start this position by standing with your feet hip-distance apart. Extend your arms to shoulder level, exhale, and lower yourself into a deep squat position. Use your heels for carrying the brunt of your weight. In this position, take three long, deep breaths. You may want to close your eyes to achieve total focus.

Warrior Side Bend

Stand and place your right foot back. Meanwhile, bend your left knee so that it is aligned with your ankle. Make sure your back right leg is still straight. Now place your handson your left hip and inhale as you raise your right arm up and over your head to the left side. This will stretch your right side and the front of your hip as well. Exhale slowly as you hold this posture. Step back into a standing position, and repeat these moves on the other side. Once you’ve finished that side, get into bed immediately. You should feel relaxed enough to drift off.



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