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Amazing Yoga Stretches To Perfect Your Posture And Digestive System

Are you at your desk all day typing away with your keyboard close to your torso and constantly looking down or at the monitor in front of you?  This can be really bad for your posture, muscles, and digestion.  But unfortunately, it’s what our job calls for.  So what do we do?  Luckily there are easy yoga stretches we can do to bring back the correct posture as well as digestion.


Yoga Stretches To Perfect Posture

Jaw Exercise

In this exercise, you push your jaw forward and then push it back into the base of your skull.  This helps to strengthen weak muscles and stretch out tense ones.

2 Head Tilting Exercises

This is a great exercise to stretch out the sides of your neck and it feels great.

1.  Wrap your left wrist around your right arm and pull your right arm behind you and to the left. Pull the right arm down towards the floor.  

2.  Lengthen the crown of your head by lifting it towards the ceiling, as if it were attached to the ceiling by a string.  As you’re doing this, gently bring your left ear to your left shoulder, you should feel a stretch in the right side of your neck.  Inhale and bring your head back up.  Then repeat on the other side.

Neck Exercise

This exercise helps to restore the natural curve in the neck that is often flattened out by excess typing or other job functions.  
Pull your chin in and all the way to the back, then gently lift the head up towards the ceiling.  You need to feel the stretch in the front of the lower part of your neck and not at the back of your neck because that would compress your skull and do the opposite of what you want it to.  Next, inhale and bring the head back up.  


Yoga Exercises To Help With Digestion

Knee Exercises

Start lying flat on the floor and inhale.  Slowly bring your knees into your chest and exhale.  If you want a deeper stretch, rock your knees from side to side; this also gives your lower back a massage.  Stay in this stretch for five to 10 breaths.  Thenrelease your knees. Repeat three times.


This exercise starts much like the knee exercise in which youstart out on your back with your knees to your stomach and inhale.  Next, exhale and drop your knees to your left side, holding down your knees with your left hand.  Then reach your right arm to the right side and look to the right as well.  Stay here for five to 10 breaths.  Next, inhale and return your knees to the center and into your chest.  Repeat on the opposite side.  


Lying down on the floor, bend your knees but keep feet flat on the floor.  List your hips up as high as you can, and keep your hands

Seated Twist by your side.  This helps to give your chest a stretch as well.  You can modify the stretch by lifting one hip up at a time and holding it there for five breaths.

Sit down on the floor and extend your legs.  Bend your right knee over your left extended leg.  Place your left arm on your right knee and use it to get a better twist in your back. Stay for about five breaths.  Repeat on opposite side.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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