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We All Fall Down

By Krista Elliott

It starts with our first attempt at walking. One wobbly step, another one, and then an unceremonious landing on a diaper-clad backside. Then, games of Ring Around the Rosy, tumbles off the slide, and faceplants after careening off our friends during a vigorous game of tag. Later on in life, it's graceless spills while wearing too-high heels, and still somehow managing not to drop our wineglass (or maybe that was just me). 

Falling is just one of those things that, as bipeds, we deal with on an ongoing basis. While some falls only hurt our pride, others can do serious damage with twisted ankles, broken wrists, or worse. But what about the damage you don't see? What can falling do to your spine and joints? 

What Falling Does to Your Spine

Falling, even from low heights, can create injuries in the vertebrae, back muscles, and/or discs. These injuries can range anywhere from moderate to very, very severe. If you do fall and experience severe and acute back pain, tingling or paralysis, or muscle weakness, this should be treated as a medical emergency as it may indicate injury to the spinal cord. 

More commonly, falls can result in subluxations and/or herniated discs. All of these injuries can cause pain, a reduced range of motion, and  can interfere with the proper functioning of the nerves of the neck and back. 

Chiropractic Care After Falling

If your back injury does not require emergency medical attention, your next stop should be to the professional chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic. A chiropractor can assess your spine and joints to determine what injuries and misalignments have taken place as a result of your fall. 

Using gentle and customized adjustments, a chiropractor can help return your spine to its optimal positioning. Not only does this help to relieve pain, but it also can help to ensure that herniated discs are not pressing against nerves and interfering with the functioning of the rest of your body. 

It's important to receive professional chiropractic care after falling not only to help relieve acute pain and nerve interference, but it's also important to establish ongoing chiropractic treatment. Why? Because helping to keep your spine and joints healthy and aligned, chiropractic care aids in the range of motion and balance of your entire body. This helps to reduce your future incidence of falls, hopefully preventing any future spinal injuries. 

Falling can be scary and embarrassing ... or hilarious, depending on the situation. But with regular chiropractic care from The Joint, falling doesn't have to derail your health or well-being, even if you don't have a diaper-cushioned butt to land on. 


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