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How Cleaning Helps Your Health

By Brandi Goodman

Cleaning is the best way to get rid of unwanted germs and keep bacteria from spreading between surfaces -- and between members of your household. That helps your health in itself. The act of cleaning can do far more good than you may realize for your well-being. It benefits your mind and body in numerous ways.

Clearing Clutter Eases Stress

Stress and depression are running rampant in this world. With so much chaos around us and too much going on, it's easy to fall into a depression. Walk into your home to find clutter and messes, and you're even more likely to feel completely stressed out and overwhelmed. Clear out the clutter and clean your home regularly and it can help to ease your stress and boost your morale. 

Improving Focus and Concentration

You may find it difficult to concentrate and focus at work if you know you have a cluttered mess to deal with once you return home. Get things cleaned up and taken care of when you have a day off so you can improve your focus and concentration. It will help with stress, brain function, and even better sleep -- because your mind won't be so occupied.

Preventing Respiratory Illness

Breathing in allergens, dust, and germs can all have an impact on your respiratory system. Fail to clean and eliminate these things from the air and you're more likely to experience respiratory illness -- or at least minor symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and coughing. Clean your home thoroughly to prevent respiratory illness and keep yourself breathing well.

Avoiding Sickness

Say one person in your home gets sick. They touch the doorknobs, refrigerator handle, drawers, and other surfaces within the home. Another member of the family then touches those same spots. You're bound to spread sickness between each other if you don't do anything to prevent it. You need to regularly wipe down common surfaces to help avoid sickness. 

This also applies to food. You don't want certain foods, such as meat, to be left out in the open or be allowed to touch other items. Bacteria can spread this way easily, which will make you sick when you eat it. Clean off your cutting board after each use. Store food properly. Do not sit meat in the fridge to thaw out unless it's covered. Don't sit it next to your fruit and vegetables. 

A clean home is a healthy one. You always want to consider your well-being in all you do, and making sure your home is clean is definitely something that helps you stay well. Pick things up as you go and spend one day per week dusting, mopping, and thoroughly cleaning surfaces so you can be sure germs aren't getting the best of you.

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