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6 Ways Your Love Life Impacts Your Health

By Brandi Swieter

Love isn’t just good for that warm and fuzzy feeling people sometimes get. It also brings many health benefits to the body, even though many people are unaware of that fact. Six ways exist for someone’s love life to impact their health.

Stress Made Manageable

Stress affects everyone in different ways, most commonly causing neck and shoulder pain, tension headaches, and extreme irritability. When people are in love, they find it much more manageable to handle stress. They have a partner available to shoot ideas off of and figure out how best to handle the situation at hand. It makes it far easier to deal with than those going through something alone.

Longer Living

Heart attacks, cancer, and even pneumonia seems to plague single people more often than those who are married. With a lowered risk for these diseases, those in love will get to live longer. Studies show that happily married couples tend to live longer with one another by each other’s sides.

Depressed No More

Feelings of loneliness and isolation often result in depression. Those without a partner, friend, or family member to rely on suffer a far greater chance of developing depression than those surrounded by love. Love can also bring a feeling of euphoria thanks to the oxytocin it introduces to the brain. Something as simple as a hug can improve symptoms of depression and elevate a person’s mood tremendously.

High Blood Pressure Lowered

A good blood pressure reading is 120/80. Married couples and those in love tend to keep their levels relatively close to this number. Singles tend to experience higher blood pressure, often due to their stress factors. Because love brings other health benefits, such as a lowered risk for depression and the ability to cope with stress, those in love can lower their high blood pressure far easier.

Pain Reduced

Oxytocin not only makes people feel good, but it also helps to take away pain. Those who get a simple hug or spend time with a person they enjoy spending time with get a boost in oxytocin. Feelings of pain will be reduced without the need for typical medications. While it won’t make all forms of pain go away, it can help alleviate some bodily discomfort.

Communication Skills Improved

Healthy relationships need to include healthy communication. Those in love tend to have a far better mental capacity and alertness. They open up to their spouse, companion, or friend and can make better decisions through communicating with them.

Love isn’t the cure-all, but it does improve health in some beneficial ways. This doesn’t have to mean a romantic love either. Those with friends and family that they are close to experience the advantages as well. With some more love in your life, see what benefits you get from it.

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