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Enjoy Pain-Free Travels with Some Simple Stretches

By Brandi Goodman

Traveling can take a toll on the body. No matter the mode of transportation used, people often sit cramped and slouched in their seats. Some simple stretches will help people traveling via planes, trains, and vehicles to enjoy pain-free travels to wherever they're headed. 

Downdog Calf Stretch

After sitting for long periods the calves can become incredibly sore. Blood tends to pool in this area and can even cause clots if people aren't careful. The downdog calf stretch places you in a downward dog position with both your hands and feet on the floor. Your body should be in a "V" shape with your glutes pointed toward the ceiling. Rock the feet back and forth from the heels to the toes to get a good stretch in both calves that will have the blood flowing in no time.


The entire body can use a good stretch after sitting so long. The inchworm starts you out standing upright. Lean down to reach your toes and then walk your hands forward and lower your body until you are in a plank position. Drop the hips and look up toward the ceiling. This gives a good stretch in the calves, back, shoulders, and neck. Walk your hands back to your feet and stand back upright to finish. A few of these will promote flexibility and even give a good workout. 

Half-Kneel Hip Stretch

The hips also need proper stretching if they're going to gain some flexibility. Kneel on the left leg and leave the right leg back with the toes touching the ground. Bend the right knee downward until it touches the floor. Repeat a few times before switching sides. 

Seated Cat-Cow

You don't have to wait until after you've arrived at your destination to stretch. Some options exist that help you stretch your body and ease some discomfort while you're seated. The seated cat-cow, for instance, is one possibility. Take a deep breath and push the chest forward as you raise your head and look toward the ceiling. Then, exhale as you push your shoulders forward and round your back. You should be facing down toward your stomach. Holding for a few breaths should be sufficient to ease some tension in your back. 

Stretching is incredibly beneficial for the body. When you're traveling the activity is even more useful to help prevent pain and loosen up the joints so they can better handle the ride. It's also beneficial to visit the chiropractor upon returning home to ensure any joint restrictions are removed and the body is able to work at optimal efficiency. Visit The Joint Chiropractic during walk-in hours throughout the day or in the evening. They're also open on weekends.

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Roseville, Calif.

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