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3 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Energy

By Genevieve Cunningham

Everyone makes mistakes. We make mistakes all the time throughout our entire lives. The good news is that most mistakes are nothing more than an inconvenience and a learning experience. No real harm done. But sometimes our mistakes can bring us down. They make life harder or they hinder us from progress. And sometimes these mistakes are in surprising places -- like our energy! Did you know it's possible that your lack of energy is your own fault? Though that might sting a little, it also means that gaining energy back is also in your control. If you're ready to feel energized and refreshed, take a look at these mistakes you might be making in daily life. 

You're Not Sticking to Nighttime Routines

Nighttime routines aren't just something to keep us busy. They work! If you're skipping your nighttime routine, you're also skipping your chance to wind down, lower stress, and get good sleep. A nighttime routine is more than a bedtime, though that's certainly an important part of it. It's also engaging in certain actions that help your mind and body get ready for sleep. This might include a hot shower or bath, reading a book, light exercise, enjoying some music, or whatever works for you. If you can learn to stick to a routine, you can improve your sleep -- and then your energy right along with it. 

You're Ignoring Quality Sleep

If you go to be on time but toss and turn all night, you still won't be getting the sleep you need for adequate energy. While starting with a bedtime is a good plan, it has to be followed by quality sleep. Make sure the temperature in your room is turned down, the pillows and mattress are comfortable, and the lights are minimal or nonexistent. As you improve your quality of sleep, you'll improve your energy and mood as well. 

You're Way Too Busy

It's good to be busy. When we're busy, we learn to be involved. We earn to burn the candle at both ends. We learn to push ourselves and work harder and strive for more in life. But there is such a thing as being too busy. And when we're too busy, we stress our bodies and minds more than ever. If you're too busy, you may find that exhaustion is a constant thing in your life. No matter what you're doing or how much sleep you get, you're tired. If this is you, unburden yourself by dropping a few activities. Be involved, but don't be over the top busy. When you find the right balance, you may find that your energy returns like never before.

We all make mistakes, and that's perfectly OK. But when those mistakes harm our health or keep us from being fully present and productive in life, it's time to make a change! Check your life for these bad habits, correct your mistakes when necessary, and gain back your energy for a life of fun and happiness from here on out. 

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