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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho: Why the 7 Dwarfs Need Chiro

By Genevieve Smith

The seven dwarfs may have saved Snow White, but they need a little help themselves. Mining for jewels all day can beat a body up, and they don’t seem to get a solid night’s rest. Of all the seven dwarfs, why is Sleepy so tragically exhausted? Grumpy was constantly in a terrible mood, and Sneezy was forever battling his sinuses. Could these miners have benefited from a chiropractor out in the woods?

A Better Night’s Sleep

Those snoring dwarfs need a series of endonasal cranial adjustments so everyone can finally get some rest. I’m sure the birds and deer even suffer from the echoes of the raucous breathing, so let’s just shut that snoring down. If Sleepy still can’t get a full night’s rest after the cacophony of his companions has settled down, he may be suffering from other ailments that chiropractic can address:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Back and neck pain

Life Can be Tough!

The crew bust their chops doing some pretty rough physical labor all day. Bending and excavating, the repeated motions can take a toll -- and surely there must be some unfortunate accidents at the mine. The friends must suffer from aches and pains after mining out all those magnificent jewels! Regular adjustments from a friendly chiropractor would surely help! Maybe Grumpy could finally relax if his spine was aligned, and Sleepy could find a good night’s sleep.   

Choosing A Chiropractor

Poor Sneezy, sneezing all over the place! Surely he's dealing with a mix of allergic reactions and possibly a cold or two. Afterall, he lives in a pollen-heavy forest, spends most of his day in the sunless dark of a cave, and encounters dust and soil clouds in his day-to-day. While chiropractic is not scientifically proven to solve allergy issues, many clients report relief from their adjustments. They could be part of the population whose allergic reactions are spurned out of a glitch in their nervous system, which is then remedied through fixing subluxations. Chiropractic does, however, focus on the nervous system, which has an effect on the immune system and thus can help people like Sneezy get sick less often through fortifying their white blood cell defenses.

Life as a miner can be tough! Let’s get those dwarfs an adjustment plan so they can finally rest easy! Meanwhile, if you or someone you know is suffering from similar symptoms, check out the friendly and knowledgeable chiropractors at The Joint. Ask about affordable pricing, and feel free to walk in anytime! It may help you live happily ever after. 

To learn more about your health and wellness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic.


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