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How You Can Get Fit in a Minute

By Debra Rodzinak

Get fit in one minute?  Is this real?  Can I now eat all the ice cream and pizza I want and lose weight too?  Although no one can spend only one minute and get fit, there are those out there in the fitness world that swear by intense bursts of effort for one minute followed by one-minute rests can get you fit. 

HIIT Training

Just three times a week, whether on a treadmill, stationary bike, or rower, warm-up for two minutes, alternate intense effort for one minute and one-minute minimum effort, then a cool-down of three minutes.  This trendy style of exercise calls for an alternating hard and light effort that can leave even the hard core gym rat gasping for breath.

Experts believe that HIIT training is appealing to those who are less-fit due to the reduced time spent exercising and amazing results.  The misleading titled workout, “The One-Minute Workout,” is a 10-minute extreme workout that takes 60 seconds of hard-core, all-out effort and breaks it into three 20-second sprints.

HIIT Basics

The effect on cardiorespiratory fitness from HIIT training seems to be more challenging to the body than longer, moderate, continuous exercise.  The body has a harder time adapting to the intense effort HIIT workout and therefore gains more positive effects from it.  Some studies have also found that those who are overweight, diabetic, or dealing with heart disease find that there are also physiological benefits to HIIT training.

The Beginner

This HIIT regimen has been studied in out-of-shape adults who are older.  Warm up with a walk for 1 to 3 minutes, then pick up the level to 3 (based on a 1 to 10 scale) for 3 minutes, then drop back to level 2 for another 3 minutes.  Alternate between these two levels for a 30-minute walk.

The Norwegian

Tested in people who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease, the Norwegian begins with a warm-up at level 1 for 3 minutes.  Then, increase to level 6 for 4 minutes.  Finally, drop back to level 3 for another 3 minutes.  Repeat going from level 6 to level 3 for a total of four rounds.  Recovery is at level 1 for the final 2 minutes.  Total time for this workout is 30 minutes.

The 10 by One

Tested in cardiac rehab patients, begin with a light warm-up of 3 minutes, followed by a level 5 exercise for 1 minutes, then back to level 1 for another minute.  Then, up to level 6 for 1 minute, back down to level 1.  Keep climbing the intensity ladder until you reach level 9.  Finally, cool down for 2 minutes.  This HIIT exercise routine is only 24 minutes.

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