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3 Muscle Groups That Aren't Getting Enough Attention

By Genevieve Cunningham

It’s definitely true that taking the time to exercise is half the battle when it comes to building a strong and fit body. But what exactly is the other half? What is standing in the way of our current selves and the person we see in our minds? In many cases, it’s a simple lack of knowledge. Far too many people focus on the same muscles over and over, and then they wonder why their body isn’t changing. If this sounds like it could be you, take a look at these oft overlooked muscle groups that may finally help break through the plateau and change the body for the better.

The Calf Muscles

We all want great legs, and in order to do that many of us focus on the quadriceps and hamstrings. While working these muscle groups will absolutely help sculpt the legs, don’t forget about the lower legs … also known as the calf muscles. Working the leg from top to bottom helps to give a more lean, balanced look. To develop these muscles, stick to calf raises (with or without weights), climbing steps, and moves that require jumping.

The Triceps

Similarly to the way that we skip out on the calf muscles, many people stick to the biceps and shoulders in order to sculpt great arms. But along the back of the upper arm lie the tricep muscles. The triceps, when worked on a regular basis, help provide more definition to the arms. To work them, stick to tricep dips (off of a step, bench, or chair) or tricep extensions with dumbbells or kettlebells.

The Lower Back

The lower back is part of the core, but the majority of people only focus on the ab muscles, which leaves the lower back ignored. Most people are surprised at how often we use the lower back muscles. Standing, running, walking, bending, lifting … all of these ordinary tasks require the use of this muscle group. When they are weak, it can lead to pain or injury. To keep the lower back muscles strong, use exercises such as the Superman (lie on your stomach and lift the arms and legs off of the ground and hold) and back extensions.

It’s easy to get focused on just a few large muscle groups and forget about the rest. But the best way to gain the most defined body is to pay attention to all of the muscles, both large and small. If working these muscle groups is not in your current routine, it’s time to add them in. With some time and attention to the body as a whole, you can gain the body you’ve been working for faster than ever before.

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