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Do You Have Weakness For Sodium

By Tom Herrin

With the foods available for ready consumption today, it is no wonder that many people develop a craving for salt.  This is probably the most common source of sodium people take in.  While many are concerned about too much sugar, too little fiber, too much fat, or some wheat-related product in food that they may believe they have some kind of reaction to, the amount of sodium people consume is also a reason for alarm.  Some people take in so much in fast foods or other ready-to-eat foods from the grocery store that they barely notice it.  When people take the time to read the labels on soups or breakfast meats, they may be shocked to see the amount of sodium they consume in one meal.

It Can Damage Organs

People who have kidney problems are usually well aware of the damage that can be done by sodium to their kidneys.  It can make the kidneys work overtime to keep up with the work.  The body may hold fluid which causes it to collect around many of the organs.  Since the kidneys must filter the blood, they have to increase the amount of work they do.  This extra work can damage the arteries as they must process more blood.  The end result of this can be hardening of the arteries, which can increase blood pressure.  The heart is often damaged as well.  High blood pressure is a known cause of strokes.  In China, high blood pressure is considered to be the leading cause of preventable deaths.

Some Other Common Health Problems

Excessive consumption of salt is believed to be a cause of stomach cancer.  An even more common problem believed to be related to salt or sodium is osteoporosis.  It is particularly common among older women.  Studies have shown that increased consumption of sodium can cause calcium to be lost from the blood through urination.  This calcium may be replaced in the blood by the body taking it from bones.   Reduced bone density is a common and serious problem.

Monitor And Fight

If people will make a conscious effort to reduce their sodium or salt intake, they can reap benefits in a fairly short period of time.  The other thing they can do is eat more fruits and vegetables.  They generally contain sizeable amounts of potassium which does almost the opposite of sodium.  It can help relax blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.  The bottom line is to educate yourself and read labels.  If you do, you can maintain better health.  We all seek to do that.

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