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3 Reasons to Count Your Calories Starting Now

By Genevieve Cunningham

There are so many ways to keep a healthy diet on track. For some people, it's all about a food journal. Write down every single thing you eat, and it'll be easier to stay on track. For others, it's giving yourself an end goal and a treat. Stick to this diet, lose 10 pounds, and buy yourself those new pants! But sometimes, we have to go back to the basics. Sometimes, we have to break down and count calories. If you've been trying to avoid the process of constantly counting your calories, take a look at these reasons to start counting your calories today.

It's Easy to Get Off Track

Unless you're really practiced at guessing the amount you're eating, it's incredibly easy to get off track. We get a spoonful too much -- which then adds 100 calories to our daily intake. Or maybe we forget about the treat after lunch or the extra soda. If we're not extremely careful, we can get way off track and consume far too many calories in just one day. Counting calories helps us become accountable again, and gets us back on track to meet our ultimate goals.

It Helps You Reset

Sometimes all we need is a way to reset our diets. We've been splurging or sneaking a treat here and there, and we really need a way to just reset our minds and bodies. Counting calories can be a good way to do this. It gives us a very quick reminder to stick to the plan. A reminder to pay attention instead of mindlessly eating. If you need to reset your mind and daily diet, counting calories for a few days or weeks may be enough to get you back on the right path. 

You Probably Need to Adjust

Chances are really good that your diet needs a little adjusting. Our bodies change over time, and so our needs change too. We may need more protein and fewer fats. We may need more or fewer overall calories. We may need to adjust our water intake. All of these factors play a role in staying healthy and meeting our goals. Counting your calories can help you figure out whether your diet needs adjustments so that you can make appropriate plans from there.

It's not always fun to count calories, but it can really help. Fun or not, it's often effective. And effectiveness is what we're really looking for, right? If you've been stuck in your quest for better health, counting calories may help you readjust, get back on track, and move closer to your health goals as soon as today.

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