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How to Stop Overeating and Get Healthy Now

By Genevieve Cunningham

For many people, overeating is a serious problem. Sometimes we do it because the food tastes so good. Sometimes we do it out of boredom. And still other times we do it to deal with a strong emotion or situation in our lives. But whatever your reason for overeating, there’s no doubt that it can lead to an unhealthy life, fat accumulation, and a decline in the way that you feel on a daily basis. If you have a little trouble with binge eating and reaching for a second (or third!) helping, take a look at these tips for ending the binge and getting healthy right now.

Learn Slow, Mindful Eating

Many times we eat more when we eat quickly. We don’t give our brains time to catch up with our stomachs. By the time the brain says “I’m full,” our stomachs are actually overfull. Instead of hurrying through meals, take your time. Eat very slowly with intention and purpose. Be mindful in your meal instead of mindlessly putting food into your mouth. This takes a little time to master, but many find this technique to be enough to end the overeating for good.

Distinguish Hunger Pains from Emotions

Boredom eating is killer. Sadness eating, anger eating, or any eating that is deeply tied to emotion is equally damaging to health. Instead, we have to learn the difference between hunger and emotion. The next time you think you’re hungry, go get a glass of water and find something to do with your hands. If the hunger passes, it was probably boredom. If the hunger persists, grab a healthy snack. Make this a regular habit until you learn the difference between real hunger and strong emotional discomfort.

Make a Plan

A lot of people don’t like the process of meal prepping. It seems tedious, and for a lot of people, it takes the fun out of the kitchen. But here’s the thing … planning ahead can seriously help you avoid overeating. It takes the guesswork out of it. It takes the quick, unhealthy snacks out of the picture. Start with just meal prepping -- or even just writing down a menu -- for breakfast. Once you get used to following a plan, add snacks and then lunch and then dinner. The more planned you become, the easier it is to skip the binge and stick to the plan instead.

Overeating is a tough habit to break. It’s so tasty and satisfying to fill our mouths with our favorite foods. But overeating is also dangerous to our overall health and well-being. If you really want to be healthy and feel your best, use these tips to nip overeating in the bud. You may find that a healthy diet and small portions are even easier than you thought, leaving you feeling stronger and healthier than ever before.

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