Is Sugar the Enemy of Mankind?

By Genevieve Cunningham

Sugar is a favorite of many people. Whether it’s cookies, a slice of cake, delicious pie with ice cream, or your favorite kind of candy, we all like to indulge from time to time. And some of us like to indulge all of the time. Over the years, it seems as though sugar has been getting an increasingly bad rap. Where babies used to drink soda without complaint from the doctor, you now have people who abstain completely from sugar products. So, what’s the truth? Is sugar the enemy? Or is it harmless? Take a look at this information guide to find out.

Can Sugar Be Good?

Sugar can in fact be good in some instances. Sugar tends to give you a quick burst of energy, which is beneficial in a great number of tasks in life. But, it is true that the best kind of sugar is the natural kind … things such as fruit, complex carbs, and similar products. If you’re adding spoonful after spoonful, you’re probably negating any positives and moving straight to the downfalls.

What’s the Harm?

Sugar, especially in excessive amounts, can lead to excess weight, headaches, diabetes, and other serious health conditions. It’s also important to note that it can make you feel crummy. In one recent anecdotal study, a family of four embarked on a one year sugar-free journey. Here are a few of the ways that they were affected by sugar:

  • Their Palates Changed - At first, giving up sugar meant that everything tasted strange or dull. After a little time, they noticed a change in their natural palate. This meant that most things began to taste better without sugar, and when things were sugar ridden, it became too intense.

  • Sugar Made Them Sick - After doing without sugar for about six months, this family decided to eat some cake. Shortly after, all four family members felt sick with headaches, stomach pain, and dizziness. In my own experience, after doing without sugar for one week (only a week!), I indulged in a piece of decadent chocolate cake. What happened? My vision blurred, heart raced, head became dizzy, and I literally couldn’t get out of the bed.

  • Their Skin Cleared - This actually happens to many people as they give up sugar. For some reason, excessive sugar seems to aggravate hormone production, which can lead to acne, mood swings, and other side effects.

So, Is It the Enemy?

Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps it’s not that sugar is the enemy so much as the amount of sugar that we all eat is the enemy. A little bit of sugar is unlikely to hurt you long-term, but we eat sugar in everything! Sweets, candies, and even most of our everyday foods contain sugar. If you want to cut back on sugar, give it a try! You may find yourself feeling better than ever and missing your sweet treat even less than you thought.

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