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Short on Focus? Try These Tips!

By Genevieve Cunningham

Have you ever found it incredibly hard to focus? You're at work, minding your own business, answering emails, trucking along through paperwork and projects and -- what was I saying again? -- oh, right ... focus. Focus is something that we have sometimes and other times not so much. For the most part, a few moments of a wandering mind isn't really a big deal. But then there are those times when our mind just won't stop. We can't focus on anything, and it really gets in the way of being productive. If you've noticed an increase in your inability to concentrate, take a look at these tips to get your focus back right now.

Schedule Distractions

When we can't focus, it's because we get distracted over and over again. We can't always avoid distractions. Sometimes people come into the office, phone calls happen, or big events require our focus. But a lot of distractions are in our control -- text messages, internet browsing, social media. If you tend to get distracted by the second group, just schedule them into your day. Work for one hour, then take a five-minute break. When the break is over, get back on task. For some people, this helps them focus for longer periods of time since they know a moment of distraction is coming.

Clear Your Room

If you really have a hard time focusing, take a look at your environment. Is it comfortable? Is it too comfortable? Is it distracting? Clear your space and make it easier to focus. Keep your phone across the room. Shut down extra tabs. Remove pillows or blankets that make you sleepy. It might take some time to find the perfect environment, but once you do, it will be so much easier to stay on task.

Create a Focus Habit

Sometimes we have to group our habits together. When it comes to focus, you may need a habit to pair with it. For those who smoke, they simply have to smoke when they're thinking. But don't pick up smoking just to improve your concentration. Try pair focusing with squeezing a stress ball or tapping a pen on the desk. When you pair habits together, it can make the urge stronger, which makes it more likely that every time you pick up your stress ball, your mind will begin to focus automatically. 

It can be hard to focus. We demand a lot of our minds -- and we ask it to focus so much of the day! And it's so easy to get off track! But with a few simple tips, you can improve your focus starting now. Give these tips a try, improve your concentration, and watch your productivity soar like never before.

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