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Chiropractic and Massage: A Perfect Pair?

By Krista Elliott

When it comes to treating your body and making it feel its healthiest, a multi-pronged approach can sometimes yield some great results. As an example, while improving your fitness, exercise plus a healthier diet tends to work better than just exercise alone. 

The same principle applies to your back and other joints. You might enjoy going for massages to help work out the knots in your muscles and relieve tension. You also might enjoy getting chiropractic treatment to relieve pain and to ensure your joints are in the best alignment possible. 

But what if I told you that these two treatments are as complementary as peanut butter and jelly? 

It's all Connected

Your muscles, bones, and tendons all work together like a beautifully designed machine. Your skeleton provides the structural foundation for all of your muscles, while your muscles (with the aid of tendons and ligaments) move your skeleton around so that you can walk, dance, type, etc.

But how do your muscles get the message? They get it from your nervous system. And the main driver of your nervous system, your spinal cord, travels smack-dab down the middle of the bones of your spine. So as you can see, both systems are inextricably linked, with the health of one affecting the other. 


But what if it's not working right? If you have tension and strain in your muscles, it's rarely distributed evenly. So you have muscles that are applying uneven tension to your joints and spine, creating subluxations, biomechanical issues, and discomfort. 

And if you have subluxations and biomechanical issues, then you're applying uneven forces onto your muscles and impeding the messages sent by your central nervous system. The result? Tension and strain in your muscles ... which then apply uneven forces to your joints, and round and round we go.

As you can see, it's a pretty vicious cycle we've got going on here. 

Chiropractic + Massage = A Happy Body

Of course, the interesting thing about a vicious cycle is that it can be reversed. By treating the entire musculoskeletal system using chiropractic care and massage, this cycle can be broken. 

As an example, you go and book a massage and get all of your muscles nice and warm and loosened up. Then, you pop in to The Joint Chiropractic. You don't even need an appointment so it's easy to come by after any other physical treatment you've received! With your muscles warmed up and the tension reduced, your chiropractic treatment can be even more effective, with longer-lasting relief from pain. Why? Because your muscles aren't all tensed up and yanking unevenly on your joints! And when you get chiropractic care from The Joint after a massage, the results of your massage will last that much longer. Why? Because your joints will be nicely aligned, functioning well, and not applying uneven forces and strain upon your muscles. Instead of a vicious cycle, your body is now in a virtuous cycle of relaxed muscles and beautifully aligned joints that work together as a team, helping you feel great. 

So come by The Joint today, and be sure to come by after your next massage for the perfect treatment pairing that will make your body happy! 

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