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How Spinal Adjustments Can Help You

By Stepy Kamei

The term "spinal adjustment" may sound intense, but it's actually a pretty common procedure performed by chiropractors across the country on a daily basis to people with all kinds of health conditions and concerns. Many people often consider chiropractic to be a treatment option for patients who are dealing with back pain. A chiropractic adjustment to a person's spinal column can being relief from back pain for sure, but it can do quite a bit more than this in terms of a patient's overall health and wellness.

You may be wondering how an adjustment to the spinal column can benefit other areas of the body besides the back. In order to know more about this, it's necessary to keep in mind the fact that the spine protects a very important aspect of the body -- the central nervous system.

How is an Adjustment Performed?

During a typical session of chiropractic, a licensed chiropractor will examine the spinal column for any misalignments, which are known as vertebral subluxations. These misalignments can be brought on by injuries, stress, or muscle strains, and many people experience them without even realizing it before a chiropractor points out the issue to them. Once these misalignments are located, the chiropractor will use manual manipulation techniques to bring the spinal column back into its proper alignment. These manipulation methods involve alternating between short thrusts and long, slow applications of pressure to naturally and safely realign the spine. 

How Does This Impact the Body?

As previously mentioned, the spine keeps the central nervous system protected, allowing it to facilitate communication between the body and the brain. When misalignments in the spine occur, the central nervous system may be disrupted as well, and a breakdown in communication may quickly follow. Over time, other functions of the body can suffer a decrease in functioning capability.

A misaligned spine has been scientifically shown to impact a patient's digestive system, joint health, and their immune system function. When the spine is brought back into alignment in a safe and healthy manner, the rest of the body can benefit from restored function as well. One spinal alignment can be enough to bring relief from many health concerns, but it's best to make chiropractic a regular habit for optimal health and wellness on an overall scale.

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